In the city of Nikolaev can raise rates of a uniform tax for business owners

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In Nikolaevsk the City Council at the next session deputies plan to consider the draft decision on increase of the sizes of rates of a uniform tax for business owners.

It is offered to increase rates of a uniform tax on the majority of kinds of activity, except for what and were assessed earlier with a relevant provision in the maximum size - 200 hryvnias.

For example, the following rates of a tax on production of meat products - 145 hryvnias instead of present 105 hryvnias, on production of furniture - 170 instead of 120 hryvnias, on construction - 180 instead of 130 hryvnias can be established.

The minimum rate for the businessmen who are engaged in retail trade - with 105 to 145 hryvnias will change also. For business owners - drivers of minibuses - the uniform tax will rise by 35 hryvnias and will make 125 hryvnias, for the business owners working in the sphere of advertizing, - 170 hryvnias. The smallest payments - on 40 hryvnias - on - former will be made Chpshniki, by cleaning of rooms engaged in the organization and cultivation of aquarian small fishes.

Nikolayevtsa the first won't be

The project on increase of rates developed and prepared financial management of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. His experts explain need of increase in rates of a uniform tax to that they didn't change since August, 2006. During this time the index of inflation made 165 percent. Also the detailed analysis of business activity in Nikolaev as a result of which the conclusion is drawn on possibility of increase in a rate for many categories of edinonalozhnik was carried out. Financial management of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies believes thus to increase the amount of receipts in the budget and to balance interests of the population, business and the power.

If the Nikolaev deputies make the decision on increase of rates, won't be "pioneers". Since January 1 the decision of the Yalta City Council on increase of rates of a uniform tax will come into force. From this number all Yalta subjects of the business activity using a form of a uniform tax, will pay on 200 hryvnias a month all the year round and irrespective of a field of activity. Also uniform tax in 200 hryvnias since January 1, 2007 all the year round works in Feodosiya.

Officials only pro

With increase in a rate of a uniform tax for businessmen - natural persons shouldn't be processed any additional documents, the head of department of the taxation of natural persons of the Public tax administration of the Nikolaev area Yury Stepanets specifies.

- The businessman in 15 days prior to the beginning of a quarter submits the application for transition to the simplified system of the taxation by payment of a uniform tax. The only thing, we would like to ask businessmen together with the statement to provide and the payment receipt on tax payment. It will simplify the reporting and to us, and to the natural person, - Yury Stepanets speaks.

The head of department of support of business activity of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Andrey Yakovlev believes that increase of a uniform tax for some groups of chpredprinimatel doesn't represent for them anything terrible.

- According to regulations, the businessman all the same won't pay more than two hundred hryvnias. Also It should be noted that many Chpshniki are engaged in different types of activity, according to the income they too have more. From one thousand of legal earnings of the doctor or the teacher, for example, subtract total amount of taxes of 300 hryvnias. At the same time, the businessman who is on a uniform tax, can have a monthly turnover to 100 thousand hryvnias and thus pay a tax in 200 hryvnias. Certainly, each businessman will tell that any increase for it is bad. In my opinion, anything cardinally negative in this increase isn't present, but the opinion of businessmen anyway needs to be considered. Therefore by preparation of this project and before removal it on consideration of deputies of city council it is necessary to carry out public hearings, - Andrey Yakovlev summarized.

The head of the Union of industrialists and businessmen of the Nikolaev area Alexander Shpil agrees with need of carrying out such public hearings also.

In total for October 1 in the Nikolaev area 71235 people - business owners are registered, from them 39331 persons work on the simplified system of the taxation. About 60% of businessmen work in the regional center. Respectively at the expense of them in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies plan to balance interests of the population, business and the power, having increased a rate on a uniform tax. Thus, whether will ask opinion of these businessmen during public hearings while it isn't known.

State of emergency - army

Number of businessmen in the Nikolaev area who work at a uniform tax:

2000 - 7282 persons;

2001 - 10875 people;
2002 - 14127 people;
2003 - 17741 persons;
2004 - 20063 persons;
2005 - 22838 people;
2006 - 27905 people;
2007 - 34666 people;
2008 - 71235 people.


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