BP once again couldn't elect the speaker

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Today the Verkhovna Rada once again couldn't elect the speaker. After morning meeting of chairmen of fractions the first vice-the speaker Alexander Lavrinovich reported that consultations on election of the chairman of BP aren't complete. Besides, according to him, from 26 anti-recessionary bills only 3 we are ready to consideration in a sessional hall.

In this regard, deputies changed the planned schedule, having decided to spend the next week in a plenary mode.

Besides, the decision was made that BP will hold on December 9 special meeting with the assistance of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko. 353 deputies voted for the relevant decision (PR - 148, BYuT - 146, WELL - NANOSECOND - 12, KPU - 27, Blok of Litvin - 20). After that A.Lavrinovich closed parliament meeting.

It should be noted that in the morning certain politicians predicted futility of today's meeting. In particular the leader of KPU Pyotr Simonenko declared that meeting will be closed till December 9 at the initiative of BYuT and Party of Regions. "They accompany, in fact, to V. Yushchenko who wishes that the parliament at all wasn't", - he declared. In turn the People's Deputy from BYuT Vladimir Polokhalo noted that for the speaker that "Rinat Akhmetov started working actively again with the fraction" is the reason of not vote.

At the same time in a lobby of parliament there were conversations that BYuT and PR are close to coalition creation. Thus some нардепы put forward improbable forms of this cooperation. So, the People's Deputy from WELL - NANOSECOND Roman Zvarych having emphasized that the chair of the prime minister can't be divided, offered V. Yanukovych and Yu. Tymoshenko to borrow it in turn. "I assume that it is possible to use the rotational principle when the head of the government will change every day. That is, that V. Yanukovych and Yu. Tymoshenko changed any day", - he noted.

At the same time, the People's Deputy from PR Sergey Levochkin declared that in case of creation of the new coalition the party will insist on Victor Yanukovych's candidate on a post the prime minister - the minister.However thus it didn't exclude possibility of creation of the coalition with BYuT, having noted that the new majority "has to produce effective economic policy, the effective budget and an effective anti-recessionary package".

We will remind, on November 12 парламе


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