The champion of Eurasia by billiards determined in Nikolaev

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On the championship of Eurasia on the Moscow pyramid which took place in Nikolaev from June 4 to June 7, billiard-players from nine countries gathered. They battled not only for a title of the champion, but also for eight thousand dollars.

As organizers of tournament the Federation of the Russian billiards and Federation of billiard sports of Ukraine acted.

The first two days were qualification, then there was a semi-final and the final. Tournament brought together billiard-players and zritly from the different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus. All participants, irrespective of age, rolled up spheres not only professionally, but also is very effective.

The final games passed in night club "Illusion". There met the world champion of 2002 Ilya Kirichkov representing Volgograd (Russia), and seventeen-year-old черновчанин Yaroslav Tarnovitsky - the world champion of 2007. Everyone with the strategy very seriously treated parties. The Russian assumed the first two victories, but the Ukrainian didn't begin to concede and caught up with the missed. As a result, experience and tranquillity of the Russian brought it a treasured title of the champion and the sum of eight thousand dollars, Yaroslav Tarnovitsky received for the second place 4, 800 thousand dollars.

We will remind that the Moscow pyramid - a kind of the Russian billiards. It also call "Siberian", or "combined". At "Moscow" is a little distinctive from other types of a pyramid of rules. The game purpose - to hammer with the first eight spheres. In total 16 spheres, one of which the bitok different from aim spheres by color or a special marking participate in game. Everything incorrectly hammered, jumped out, and also the exposed penal aim spheres are put closely to the middle of a back board. If this place is taken, the sphere is exposed closely to a board as it is possible closer to stirring aim sphere, thus the party of installation of a sphere is defined by the judge, without infringing upon interests of the player who is carrying out the next blow.


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