Gennady Zadyrko: "After the statements I hardly will be able to remain in this party"

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Last week the former Nikolaev journalist, and nowadays the People's Deputy, the member of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning transport and communication Gennady Zadyrko declared that he leaves a post of the head of the BYuT Donetsk regional organization.

Besides, нардеп declared that it and his colleague on fraction Vladimir Kapliyenko refused to subscribe under the coalition agreement with Party of Regions and won't make it under no circumstances.

And the day before the high-ranking Byutovets, the minister of Mintranssvyaz Iosif Vinsky reported that will resign in case of formation of the parliamentary coalition of BYuT with PR.

Colleagues of the obstinate minister hastened to explain his statement with unwillingness to lose a portfolio.

Gennady Zadyrko so commented on the latest events:

- After the last statements I hardly will be able to remain in this rigidly vertically - the integrated party.

But, according to him, he isn't afflicted because the future sees quite definitely.

One of possible perspective options - participation in the new political project which can be issued round the present minister of Mintranssvyaz Iosif Vinsky.

Vienna, according to G. Zadyrko, - the person with a certain position and ideology, with character and will, with "set" of the qualities necessary for the party leader.

Besides, in Ukraine the niche of left-wing parties is almost free.

Therefore emergence new left - centrist party with the European orientation - that will be electorally demanded.

Why this project is considered for himself priority by Gennady Zadyrko?

Because with Vinsky it is connected an old soratnichestvo, since SPU, and by belief.


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