I. Vinsky can retire from - for the inefficient management of transport branch - including GP "The Delta — the Pilot"

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In role party "орговика" Iosif Vinsky was in BYuT on the fine account. The minister Vinsky of members of the same party ceased to arrange. But why - that - right now when at coalition negotiations of Party of Regions Ministry of Transport was necessary. Though "problem points" at Vinsky sufficed and before.

The Minister of Transport, the deputy leader of the party "Batkivshchyna" Iosif Vinsky hanged between BYuT and "free swimming". And, being the skilled bureaucrat, already I prepared a beautiful justification of the future resignation. It sounds as follows: if BYuT goes to one coalition with "Regions", it, Vinsky, won't be neither in Yulia Timoshenko's camp, nor in the Cabinet. Because - ideology.

If to proceed from Vinsky's declarative positions, leaves that since 2004 Iosif Vikentyevich pursues, as if a terrible damnation, Party of Regions. In 2006 - m Vinsky with scandal left Socialist party, having publicly called Moroz&Co. "bastards". Two years later as "bastards" there can be Yulia Timoshenko and her colleagues initiating the coalition of PR and BYuT. At least, to it everything goes.

And after all still a year ago in BYuT we were ready to carry Vinsky on hands. The recognized specialist in party construction, Iosif Vikentyevich very much helped new "team". At any stage to it actually provided cards - Blanch on reorganization of the party organizations "on places". And here Vinsky appeared in the elements.

In BYuT such decision caused negative reaction in many. "Iosif Vikentyevich then had serious influence on Yulia Vladimirovna, - one of shtabist of BYuT on elections-2007 told "Regional committee". - And many at us angered that, here, the person who criticized Yulya both to, and after revolution so much, now, only having come to party, so I towered".

To be fair, we will note: Vinsky literally went all out to prove the usefulness.It traveled about about the country, placed everywhere new people (also "the" shots from Socialist party) and when Victor Yushchenko in 2007 dismissed parliament here were useful and the Constitutional Court became "battlefield" of various demonstrations - personally I blocked one of approaches to KS building.

Thus traditionally quiet, dryish Vinsky those days was unlike himself. The correspondent of "Regional committee" happened to observe how at the beginning of 2007 on a country banquet after one of large the byutovskikh of actions Iosif Vikentyevich said a toast. Against the relaxed, smiling members of the same party he looked the person for whom right now there came "the truth moment".

- I would like to lift a toast for our team, for the union of adherents, for common cause! - almost the person whom in SPU for skill silent unofficially - a personnel intrigue nicknamed "Coba" shouted. Thus the glass in a hand at Iosif Vikentyevich considerably shivered. Show it was not for the faint-hearted.

"I understand it, - whispered to the correspondent of "Regional committee" standing behind нардеп from BYuT fraction. - 15 years I built Socialist party - and here one fine day all - is up the spout. Here at anyone "the roof will go" …"

… After elections-2007 Ukrainian politicum was engaged in the опостыло - favourite game in the coalition. When began to divide portfolios, to Vinsky offered Ministry of Transport. According to sources in Iosif Vikentyevich's environment, "Coba" seriously I hesitated, however then I made the decision in favor of the ministry.

"Iosif Vikentyevich then made the intelligent decision, - tells a source. - I know that he wanted to be engaged in party construction. But to it it didn't allow to make. Any person of caliber of Vinsky wants completeness of management decisions, completeness of the power. Vinskoma of such completeness after elections didn't provide. And it, in fact, had only one option: to go to the government".

In Ministry of Transport various people estimate year of work of Vinsky on - to a miscellaneous. For example, his colleague, нардеп Gennady Zadirko sang to the to "the senior companion" an original hosanna:

- You watch, with Vinsky's arrival all corruption scandals connected with Ministry of Transport, stopped. Everything is quiet, results excellent, within this year, at the new minister, many projects were realized. Also pay attention: the last meeting of the government is again a statist position of the minister: to return RRT concern to a state administration, to return "Ukrtelecom" - because, following the results of 9 months, "Ukrtelecom" has losses.How it so - the state monopolist in communication has losses? It everything because that very unsuccessful management.

Pay attention: where the minister undertakes, he has one progress. Freght traffics grew, and today even in the conditions of an economic crisis the transport branch is under control. The profit grew by 7 times - where still such was? Positions (as it was at Rudkovsky) - aren't on sale. 5 years Ukraine said that it is necessary to construct a deep-water course for the vessels "Danube — the Black Sea" - and the minister started it doing! I am sure that literally in some months we will stop building this dam. Instead of speaking, the minister Vinsky already really constructed two kilometers of this dam! And very cheap airlines which are open at this minister? Obviously: Vinsky proved to be not only as the politician, but also as the capable state manager. Which in our country - units …

At once we will tell: "Regional committee" doesn't share bravura opinion of - on Zadirko.

Already at the beginning of Iosif Vinsky's ministerial term in Mintranssvyaz there was a saying that socialists former don't happen. Actually selection of shots became not the last reason of that now Iosif Vikentyevich should create image of the martyr for "orange business" that it is under a specious excuse beautiful to resign.

At the very beginning of its activity on this post was evident that at Vinsky among deputy ministers of socialists became even more, than at Rudkovsky. Earlier Leonid Sergiyenko (No. 40 in the SPU list on elections-2006), supervising motor transport (however, it remained at the same position and at the new government) was that only.

Except it three more socialists were appointed deputy ministers. "the gray cardinal" Igor Urbansky (the deputy 5-го convocation from SPU and No. 34 in the SPU list on early elections-2007) became some kind of. At Rudkovsky he not for long was the first deputy, but decided to remain the deputy.

One more deputy minister Anatoly Klimenko was a deputy in SPU fraction (I passed in February, 2005 from "Labour Ukraine") and the candidate on elections of 2006 (No. 49 in the SPU list). I didn't participate in early elections. In Rada 4-го convocation I was the chairman of subcommittee on fight against organized crime and corruption in the sphere of foreign economic activity. I graduated not only from the Dnepropetrovsk agricultural institute, but also the Higher school of KGB of the USSR in Minsk.Certainly, I worked as the agronomist, I served in state security bodies (the general - the major). I was the vice-chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk regional administration concerning activity of law enforcement agencies, defensive and mobilization work. No wonder that it was entrusted to it to supervise ministerial CREWE.

It is necessary to remember and the protege of byutovsky нардепа Konstantin Zhevago, the general director of the Poltava GOKA Vladimir Badagov who as the deputy minister began to supervise railway transport. And at the time of appointment he was the deputy of the Poltava regional council from SPU. And at presidential election of 2004 I was the authorized representative of Victor Yanukovych on the district No. 152 (Poltava region), at parliamentary elections of 2006 I was 45 - m in the Socialist party list, and in 2007 - on 206 - m

Well and, at last, the position to which appoint very close people, namely foster service of the minister was entrusted Pyotr Ustenko (to No. 60 in the SPU list on early elections), to Alexander Moroz's former adviser (as speaker of BP) on economic problems.

So specific environment and inexperience of the minister already at the beginning of his work showed that Iosif Vikentyevich is expected by difficult destiny in a ministerial chair. Color in work I added also need to consider interests of various groups in BYuTE having the interests in transport branch. So, Vladimir Badagov soon headed the supervisory board of JSC Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, having indirectly confirmed that mister Zhevago reckons on this last large state shipping company. And the port Youzhny was entrusted 29 - to summer Yury Kruk - younger, to the son of the known deputy - byutovets. By the way, on the same day, on December 29, 2007, from this position Alexander Gondza was dismissed, and that only on the eve of December 28 the Appellate court of Kiev made the decision on satisfaction of the claim of Gondza to already nonexistent concern "Ukrmorport" and upheld the previous decision of Shevchenkovsky court of Kiev. A.Gondza challenged the dismissal in September, 2007 the general director of Ukrmpoport concern which was supervised by Andrey Klyuev. And so it turned out that views "Donetsk" and Vinsky on this chief of port coincided. However, today A.Gondza challenged also this dismissal, having passed all judicial instances, but, probably, will raise the claim for return to port already at the following minister.

And at the end of January, 2008 Vinsky made one of the main mistakes, having made rash statements concerning deep-water ship course (DWSC) construction "Danube-Black Sea". Namely that the project will be complete this year. It was possible to speak only about end of 1 stage with finishing of depths through passage to 5,85 m. And if to speak about full implementation of the project, namely the second stage with depths of 7,2 m, its realization needed to be coordinated according to requirements of the international conventions. Soon it gave a reason of Romania to appeal in various instances, claiming that Ukraine intends to break procedures.

Then the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" (the customer of construction of GSH) Victor Bezdolny was dismissed. As speak in Mintranssvyaz, Vinsky simply deceived him, having suggested to write two applications: one - about dismissal in connection with transition to other work, the second - about acceptance to a position of the deputy minister - the director of the department of sea and river transport. Having learned about "divorce", V. Bezdolny withdrew next day the statement, but the order for dismissal was already quickly signed. V. Bezdolny also challenged this dismissal in court. However, it not the only case showing that the Minister of Transport poorly knows the Labour Code.

And if concerning port Youzhny Vinsky's interests coincided with views "Donetsk", in the relation "The delta - the pilot" Iosif Vikentyevich repeated that Evgeny Chervonenko in 2005 made. As well as then, Alexander Golodnitsky was appointed the director. Also it is worth reminding that following the results of its work extremely profitable earlier the enterprise received a loss for the second half of the year 2005 in 6 million UAH. And at the beginning of 2006 navigation on GSH in general stopped. Also renewed only in April, 2007 when V. Bezdolny became the director again.

A lot of the strange occurs and this year. In April A. Golodnitsky dissolved the contract with the contractor on construction of a protective dam on GSH JSC Ukrmorshlyakh. The new contractor - state of emergency "Azovmekh" (Mariupol) was defined only in August, that is works were stopped for five most favorable months. As a result about 20% of the provided stone were laid on the beginning of December in a body of a dam only. And, if the last contractor transported a stone to a site barges, now from the Nikolaev area to Vilkovo (500 km) it carry 35-ton dump trucks. And the part of a stone was bought in Romania and is delivered to a site by the Romanian barges.In total for these works in 2008 86 million UAH are provided. However the dam is under construction so peculiar that in the last days of it started washing away currents...

The most sign, "unity of team", the conflict of Vinsky and the general director of "Ukrzaliznytsi" Vasily Melnichuk (the protege of byutovets, the head of JSC Intertrans Nikolay Kovzel) became confirming. That good "Ukrzaliznytsyu" this year doesn't expect anything, it became clear still on December 28 last year when Vinsky charged "urgently within one day to finish the consolidating financial plan of the railroads for 2008 with balancing of profitable and account parts and ensuring annual volume of net profit of "Ukrzaliznytsi" at the level of not less than five billion UAH". Obviously in one day such documents aren't changed. And characteristic for budget Yulia Timoshenko's government of the politician of filling at any cost can cost much to transport branch, especially in the conditions of crisis.

At the end of December, 2007 of JSC Intertrans received preference in the form of the biggest discount to a tariff among all transport - shipping companies. On January 31 on a press - conferences asked I. Vinsky a question on this subject, with the forecast that following the results of a year these preferences will lead the railroads to short-reception about 1 billion UAH the Minister answered that, in - the first, anything about it doesn't know, in - the second, such can't be, and appointed office investigation, even urged journalists to report about such facts further. But publicly Vinsky started accusing of abuses Melnichuk only in May. In the beginning the criticism was based that V. Melnichuk breaks implementation of the financial plan, then Nikolay Kovzel became object of charges also. But the real reason is covered not in "establishing order".

The first problems arose in February when I. Vinsky decided to offer shchebnevy pits of "Ukrzaliznytsi" for sale. According to information "Transport business", in the middle of March, during a trip to Paris, during negotiations with representatives of the French company Lafarge the minister and the general director of BONDS had different views on this question. Audit of pits at the beginning of February according to an order of the minister had to take place with participation of French that meant a certain interest of the company in these objects. But in Paris it became clear that Lafarge intends to invest in modernization of pits of $120 million, pits remain in property of the railroads, cooperation is carried out on the terms of joint activity, and the profit shares 50 on 50.

V. Melnichuk understanding was the supporter of this option also that sale of pits will compel the railroads to buy such strategic raw materials, as rubble, at the market price. And it is additional annual expenses at the present prices in 200-250 million UAH the Minister insisted on sale from auction that French obviously not really arranged. Then on April 18 I.Vinsky signed the order No. 463 "About modification of lists of the enterprises, establishments and the organizations falling within the scope of management of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine". According to this document, the ministry some tens financially attractive railway enterprises were reallotted.

It should be noted at least Management of the industrial enterprises, in which structure those 18 shchebnevykh of pits, the locomotive - and car-repair plants, the Ukrainian state center of the transport Liski service (Kiev) and two more specialized railway operators - "Ukrreftrans" and "Ukrspetsvagon". Even the state enterprise is material - technical providing railway transport of Ukraine "Ukrzheldorsnab" was brought out of V. Melnichuk's submission. It is difficult to understand how ministerial officials were going to operate this economy.

At the end of May level of discussion reached to compromising evidence plum in the Internet, namely - results of check of "Ukrzaliznytsi" with reference to "sources in the supervisory authorities, not wishing to hide the truth". Thus the minister repeatedly declared that gives representation to Cabinet of Ministers on dismissal of the general director of "Ukrzaliznytsi".

Thus reform of "Ukrzaliznytsi" at Vinsky was actually stopped. More precisely, there was a refusal of practices of several previous governments and the scheme which it is impossible to call reform in any way was offered.

Melnichuk still isn't dismissed. And in June some influential byutovets - sponsors of party paid Yulia Timoshenko's attention to inadmissibility of such actions of the Minister of Transport.

It should be noted also and indecision of Mintranssvyaz in upholding of interests in the relations with Russia. As reported "Comments", at the end of November of the current year in Kiev passed negotiations of Ministers of Transport of the Russian Federation and Ukraine Igor Levitin and Iosif Vinsky. The navigation order in the Strait of Kerch had to become one of the main issues by definition.As it is noted in the protocol of negotiations, "the parties focused attention to need of joint development of the mechanism of safety of navigation and control of carrying out reloading works in this water area". The draft of the intergovernmental agreement on consortium creation on navigation safety is thus prepared.

We will remind that after death of vessels in the Strait of Kerch the temporary provision on a navigation order in the passage was signed on November 11-12, 2007. By this document it is provided that twice per day the parties have to exchange data of weather forecasts and storm warnings and in the presence of the last to make the mutual decision on transfer of courts in safer place. Daily till 18.00 the Kerch Center of Regulation of Movement of Vessels (CRMV) of state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" has to prepare plans of passing of vessels for the next days. Calling, exit and statement of vessels on anchor parking had to be carried out with the permission of TsRDS "Kerch". Before transit vessels tankers and vessels with dangerous freights which expect unloading on anchor parking thus have priority of passing. And vessels with dangerous freights have to follow only on Ukrainian Kerch - to the Enikalsky channel. "Actually we work in conditions, when there is no accurate rules of navigation in the Strait of Kerch. Only temporary", - so I characterized a condition of control of navigation on total a press - conferences Levitin. The solution of a problem of safety of navigation in a zone of the Strait of Kerch, according to ministers of both countries, complicates no other than problems of the geopolitical character connected with demarcation of border.

Heads of transport departments note that temporary, but existing rules are observed by both parties. Though as reported in TsRDS "Kerch", since the beginning of year on November 17 580 violations of these rules by the Russian courts are recorded. The same river tankers, passing through the passage, follow to anchor parking for road transfer of oil products on heavy-tonnage vessels on a waterway in the Russian waters (depth to 3,6 m) away from Kerch - the Enikalsky channel. From - for it the Ukrainian public industries received less about 1 million UAH (channel, pilot, mayachny collecting and services TsRDS).

About it Russia didn't provide any official explanations. There is a reasonable question:why this subject wasn't discussed at Vinsky's negotiations - Levitina? After all it is that situation in which Ukraine has all bases to insist on observance of arrangements. Now it is a question of a certain consortium which is more favorable to the Russian side, and it is unclear that Ukraine receives in exchange.

It should be noted also that 2008 passed in transport branch under the sign of continuous increase of tariffs. If concerning railway tariffs, more precisely, approaches to their formation, it is possible to argue much, concerning sea отрясли on a post of the minister Iosif Vinsky it is possible to call stay a positive. After all tariffs for cargo handling in ports and port charges for calling of vessels didn't raise eight years. In 2007 even reached to the point of absurdity when ports increased cargo handling, gaining thus less income.

From latest "achievements" of the minister it is possible to call the conflict provoked by it to the chief of Ilyichevsky port Gennady Skvortsov. Mintranssvyaz actually began to lobby interests of the Ukrtranskonteyner company (the daughter Russian "The national container company"). The chief of port on further destiny of the contract with this company had views. However, Skvortsov's position is identical to statements of Nikolay Sivulsky and Oleksandr Turchynov (about that that is the enslaving contract for port) a sample of 2005 when this company with Evgeny Chervonenko's support started working in Ilyichevsk.

And today, on December 5, Iosif Vinsky became the first Minister of Transport against whom the chief of port files a lawsuit the claim with the requirement to apologize to collective for the unreliable information extended recently …

We will note that all this curious and in the highest measure suspicious "subject conversations" on Vinsky's removal went only a few weeks ago when at first Andrey Portnov, and then and others нардепы from BYuT called Vinsky's surname among candidates of ministers "on an exit with things". However, if Portnov in the Schuster LIVE program directly "offered" Nestor Shufrich rotation of ministers "under the coalition government", other influential "byutovets" in the comment to "Regional committee" declared that possible removal from the posts of a number of ministers (and including Vinsky) is explained by desire "to refresh" work of the ministries.

This "desire" wonderfully coincided with negotiations between BYuT and PR about coalition creation. It is known that at these negotiations the chair of the Minister of Transport and communication is allegedly already given to "regionals".So no wonder that already started preparing public opinion and branch for "sweeper" change.

Iosif Vinsky called until recently hearings about the resignation "elements of a game of politics". However, this week Iosif Vikentyevich, at last, understood that the situation becomes menacing. Then the course on an advancing followed. The minister obviously wanted to benefit even by approaching trouble: in - the first to show the adherence to principles in ideology questions, in - the second - it is beautiful to leave most.

Vinsky's "ordinary" colleagues on BYuT make comments on a situation foggy and "Coba" especially don't protect. "I think that Iosif Vikentyevich made a little hasty statement, - the deputy of BYuT fraction, the member of parliamentary committee on transport and communication Vitaly Korzh speaks. - Because it is necessary to treat changes which happen in the last some days very judiciously. Vinsky - the politician very skilled, and me seemed that it could refrain from such statements. Today all personal should be put aside and to be guided by interests of society. Who - who, and Vinsky has to know the theory of compromises …".

That to Yulia Vladimirovna, she in the circumstances keeps silence. It is possible because doesn't want to prevent colleagues "to reduce" the disgraced minister (we will remind - still the deputy leader of the party "Batkivshchyna"). Or perhaps expects, than negotiations with "regions" will end.

Suddenly Vinsky while can be not removed?


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