The Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant is included in the list of infrastructure projects which it is planned to realize in Ukraine in a prime order

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After a semi-annual break on It is southern - to the Ukrainian platform carrying out operational staff on completion of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant is resumed. We will remind that the Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant is one of components Is southern - the Ukrainian power complex. Its main destination consists in production of more expensive electric power for a covering of evening and morning peaks of consumption when using cheaper excess night energy.

Revival is connected with two factors. In September public financing of object was open. Not less important and that TGAES completion - to realize one of 7 infrastructure projects which NAEK "Energoatom" considers necessary in a prime order. According to the president of the company Yury Nedashkovsky, protection of projects in Cabinet of Ministers will take place in the next few days.

Still on November 25 at meeting in the Cabinet with representatives of energy industry the task in the shortest terms was set to define the list of large infrastructure projects which need to be realized in a prime order, for normalization of work of various branches in the conditions of negative influence of world financial crisis.

Meeting of a staff took place under the leadership of the deputy minister of fuel and power industry of Ukraine Natalya Shumkova. Representatives of Ministry of Fuel and Energy, NAEK management participated in meeting, Is southern - the Ukrainian power complex, design and contract organizations. For the reasons independent of the company, within 9 months of work on a building site weren't conducted. Today there are fears that until the end of the year not all means can be used. Therefore during a staff emergency measures for development of the allocated limits provided for 2008 are defined, and also investment actions of the next year are planned, reports work Department with the public and mass media Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

Today the starting complex acts TGAES as a part of two units.The construction of the second turn of station as a part of 3-го the hydrounit proceeds. The Cabinet order from 27.07.2006г. "About the approval of the plan of measures for 2006-2010 on realization of power strategy of Ukraine for the period till 2030" to finish construction of TGAES it is provided in 2010. According to the president of NAEK "Energoatom" Yury Nedashkovsky, already today it is clear that in the circumstances the term of delivery of the second turn of TGAES will be shifted to the right.


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