The tower crane threatens visitors of one of the large markets of Nikolaev! Who there "forgot" it?

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Here some years citizens watch construction of new pavilion in the Central market of Nikolaev. Over time visitors of the market and market dealers even got used to the fence surrounding a building site. Dealers "rendered habitable" it, having taken place along it with the simple goods.

What surprise of citizens who came one morning to the market was and didn't see a habitual protection.

That fact that cleaned a fence probably testified to completion of construction of new pavilion. However one prevented to rejoice to a new system, but quite high and good reason. As a reminder on prolonged construction builders left a tower crane on a platform. That fact that the crane stood in the open territory and threateningly hung over the heads of scurrying-about passersby and dealers, stopped nobody. At times it seemed that the truck crane can fall at any time. Of what builders thought, leaving the car without protection, it isn't known …

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" it wasn't succeeded to learn who made so illogical decision - to clean a fence and to leave a tower crane directly on trading floor. But it should be noted, only, that the deputy of the Nikolaev city council Anatoly Krylov is related to construction of pavilion. To it, according to the decision of the City Council this ground was allocated.

Reference: Krylov Anatoly Georgiyevich, 1949 year of birth, the member of DEMPU, is elected from the civil block "Nikolaev for Vladimir Chaika", the business owner. At sessions of the City Council appears very seldom.


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