At Tymoshenko we are ready "to give rise" to the coalition with WELL - NANOSECOND on Tuesday

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The chairman of BYuT fraction Ivan Kirilenko predicts coalition creation as a part of BYuT fractions, WELL - NANOSECOND and Blok Litvin, and also Vladimir Litvin's election to a position of the speaker at evening plenary session on Tuesday.

He told about it to journalists, reports Regional committee with reference to the Ukrainian news.

"16.00 - it just that time when we can tell, what yes, occurred creation of the new coalition", - Kirilenko told.

According to him, on October 2 BYuT fraction held meeting and collected 155 signatures of deputies for creation of such coalition.

Kirilenko hoped that before evening plenary session on Tuesday Blok of Litvin and NUNS at meetings of fractions will collect necessary votes for creation of such coalition.

Kirilenko emphasized that in case of creation of the coalition of BYuT - NUNS - Litvin's Block these fractions will support Litvin's nomination for a position of the speaker.

In turn the deputy from BYuT Andrey Kozhemyakin declared UNIAN that the probability of creation of the coalition of BYuT, WELL - NANOSECOND and Blok of Litvin is at present rather high and makes about 70%.

Answering a question, from - for what political forces the coalition can not take place, Kozhemyakin told:

"Who you know a weak link also because we already have a history of the parliamentary coalitions. But I think that WELL fraction - NANOSECOND after all on the right track for today".

He also noted that for today it is possible to tell that from fraction of the Block of Litvin the consent to the coalition is actually received.

Earlier it was reported, what WELL - NANOSECOND collected 37 signatures for the coalition with BYuT and Blok of Litvin.


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