Governor Alexey Garkusha: "Crisis is not the life end"

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Today, on December 10, in the Nikolaev regional state administration I took place a press - conference of the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha. The briefing format - a question-answer - allowed journalists to touch upon the subjects most actual today.

In particular, most of all questions it was set about an economic situation of our area and about the International forum which will take place in the Nikolaev area soon.

Answering a question, whether will help to correct holding a forum an economic situation in the Nikolaev area and whether it is held exactly for this purpose, the governor declared: "The forum didn't prepare today for tomorrow, the decision on its carrying out was made in the first half of the year. In area especially nobody was engaged in preparation for presentation of investment projects. If in Nikolaev and other cities it still though as - that became, in other regions - work was practically on zero".

Alexey Nikolaevich told that the management of area had doubts in expediency of holding a forum in a present hard time. Certainly, an economic crisis - not the best period for investment, and respectively, and holdings a forum. However the authorities went to it as need of similar action is obvious.

"Crisis is not the life end. Probably, this forum becomes one of a train of similar forums. The main work will begin after action - investment projects will be issued and sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs them could study outside Ukraine", - the governor declared.

He also noted that in recent years investments into our area arrived regularly, even their dynamics was observed. However for the last some months the amount of capital investments significantly decreased. It can be connected both with crisis, and with absence at potential investors of information.After a forum similar information will be available, and it is possible, it will help to attract the capital to our region.


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