In the Central Election Commission designated date of presidential elections

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In the Central Election Commission consider that the following presidential election has to take place on December 27, 2009.

Such opinion was expressed by the member of the Central Election Commission Andrey Magera in the interview published on Wednesday in the edition PEAK.

"Personally I adhere to that (opinion) that such date can be on December 27, 2009", - he declared.

Magera reported that according to the new Constitution, presidential elections are held last Sunday of the last month 5-го years of powers of the president.

"Date can't be in the sixth year of powers of the president. Thus, for me it is natural that during the period between January 23 till January 31, 2005 presidential powers were carried out by nobody else as the incumbent president Victor Yushchenko", - he told.

"Therefore to say that January isn't the first month of a term of office of the president - quite wrong point of view. If we take January for the first month of powers of the president, that, obviously, there will be a December last, twelfth month. And the last Sunday of December is the 27th", - Magera explained.

At the same time he specified that there are opinions, in particular, date is called on January 31, 2010.

"It if someone considers first month not January, and February when the president Yushchenko started carrying out powers. Means, last Sunday January, 2010 is 31-е number. But 31-е January is already the beginning of the sixth year of stay of the president in the power. Among others, one more date is called is on January 17, 2010", - Magera told.

"Roughly speaking, from January 23, 2005 to January 23, 2010. But, as on January 23, 2010 not Sunday, we move ahead a little bit back, receiving date on January 17", - Magera added.

It is known that during presidential election of 2004, as a result of Orange revolution, it was decided to hold the third round which took place on December 26.


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