The regional budget-2009 will be extremely difficult for execution?

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The budget of this year will be executed unambiguously. The chairman Nikolayevskoy YEAH Alexey Garkusha declared it on a press - conferences.

- By results of work for half a year we more than redistributed 20 million at the expense of a budget overfulfillment. It was reconsidered (the revenues are increased). But also we will exceed these revenues. We expect not less, than was for half a year …

The governor emphasized that there are problems in budget filling for the last months. Unlike 19 areas, the budget for November was executed. But December was given the difficult.

- I won't tell that we will add something. But the overfulfillment will be. And it is actually very timely as these means will be necessary to us, taking into account the available crisis phenomena, and for guaranteeing those social payments which it is necessary to carry out first of all - ensuring timely payment of a salary to state employees, implementation of payments for energy carriers and other obligatory social expenses.

The governor and the forecasts concerning the budget of the next year sounded.

- It will be more difficult because we see that crisis reached already and our enterprises … Problems, most likely, will be. And here the already many will depend on as far as we will manage to mobilize that resource which we have, and to fill the budget. And from the point of view of formation - it won't be less, certainly. Its performance …

will be extremely difficult

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