The Nikolaev public organizations want to develop region languages for budget money

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- In Nikolaev for 2008 - 2011 her authors will submit the program of support of development of Russian and the Russian culture for July session. - The deputy of the City Council Dmitry Nikonov at the past meeting of Consulting council of parties and public organizations of the city declared.

The deputy also added that "if someone has offer or desire to create the program for Ukrainian development, the program for development of the Moldavian language, Bulgarian, Greek - those nationalities which live in the territory of Nikolayevshchina, - please! And then you submit them for discussion of city council, coordination. But. The program of development of the Russian culture as each program concerning this or that culture, has to be accepted separately that these programs it was visible that implementation of these programs was supported by certain people".

Wishing to talk about culture it appeared much in spite of the fact that there was no speaker who had to act concerning consideration of the draft of the Program of support of development of Russian and the Russian culture, to cultural development as a whole.

Financing of the program of development of the Russian culture and Russian is planned to carry out for budget money - about 3 three million hryvnias.

The colleague Nikonova - the deputy Choubin, added that "each community has the right to submit the program but that any wasn't to the detriment of another and didn't cause an allergy". From several representatives of public organizations offers on adoption of the programs concerning development of all languages in the region and culture as a whole arrived. The chairman of the Nikolaev organization "Rusich" complained that with it "once a year is allocated by only one and a half thousand hryvnias for carrying out days of Slavic writing and culture".

Apparently, wishing will enough develop culture for budget money, but whether will suffice at the budget of money?


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