Witz - the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha: "GAI officers are too exacting to drivers of minibuses"

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The deputy of the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Zhenzherukha reported to our edition that drivers of city minibuses wouldn't strike if there were no excesses from GAI. Thus he considers that the city hall in this situation isn't guilty.

According to him, it belongs to those cases when the State traffic inspectorate punishes in full drivers who violators appeared incidentally. For example, crossing a railway crossing in the Ship district of the city, the driver can get to such situation that starts crossing moving on green light, and red light lights up just when it is on rails and has to stop crossing moving. Alexander Zhorzhevich tells that in this case the driver becomes casual the violator and the State traffic inspectorate, despite of everything, all the same fines it in full.

On yesterday's picket deputy chief of GAI of area Oleg Tonkantsov and Georgy Georgiadi explained to marshrutchik that the problem of the State traffic inspectorate - control of observance of traffic regulations, and convenience questions on roads is a competence of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

Zhenzherukh as told that the city authorities made a lot of things for situation improvement on the road: streets were expanded, traffic lights are installed, the video equipment for the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area is acquired. "And what made GAI? " - Alexander Zhorzhevich, - "Moreover added, complaints on the city authorities from citizens weren't. The state traffic inspectorate started putting pressure on drivers therefore this strike and occurred".

As we already reported, yesterday drivers of share taxis of the city picketed GAI of the Nikolaev area in protest at too high penalties because to go on roads of Nikolaev, without breaking, not probably.
GAI and carriers agreed about a meeting with the city authorities for matter settlement.
Alexander Zhorzhevich reported that this meeting will take place on the next Tuesday, December 16.


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