Protesting marshrutchik will lose the right for transportations next year

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The city power intends to discharge carriers which started a strike, from competition which will define who will work at routes next year.

The mayor Vladimir Chaika so commented on a today's situation to the correspondent "20 хвилин":

- Yesterday we conducted negotiations practically to 12 o'clock in the morning both with GAI, and with our carriers because for the city it is very difficult moment, - the mayor told. - There is a law which was adopted not by the mayor and not a depuy corps - the law which defined the general provision on safety of transportations in the state. If today carriers consider that they socially irresponsible, it is wrong. They demand increase of tariffs. And I ask: why then tariffs which we raise, are paid at the expense of our people, and carriers don't give the chance to these people to move around the city? Why businessmen didn't come at once to us and didn't tell: "We have some questions which need to be adjusted legislatively". Would conduct quietly negotiations with GAI, with the Cabinet. And, maybe, would find any common ground. But they frivolously left, blocked off traffic in the city. I gave today a task to find any means for transportation of people - to involve private carrying, and those who didn't fulfill today our contractual obligations and didn't come to routes - to disqualify in competition. Competition has to be held in January.


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