220-ю suvorovsky armies public organizations celebrated anniversary of a capture of Ochakovo a gun shot

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On December 19 - not only day of Saint Nikolay. This day (on December 6 - on old style) 220 years ago, during the Second Russko - the Turkish war, suvorovsky armies stormed fortress Ochakov and expelled from the city of Turks.

About ten public organizations gathered in Ochakovo not to disregard this significant historical event. Despite nasty weather and a small drizzle, yesterday, on December 14, in "the city of the Russian glory" Ochakovo passed solemn meeting and a public prayer at a monument to the outstanding commander.

First of all, at the building Ochakov voyenno - the historical museum of Suvorov the gun which patriots - public men brought with themselves from Nikolaev was collected. As the chairman of "Suvorovsky committee" Sergey Bezushko noted to the correspondent of "N News", he didn't see such gun in assembled form still in one museum.

In the museum small "consultation" and thematic excursion during which Suvorov's admirers remembered nice feats of the idol took place.

Representatives of public organizations walked a column down the street the World, curtailed on Suvorov Street and gathered at a monument to the great commander. There solemn meeting, a public prayer and flower-laying to a monument to Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov took place. As the final stage of action, a down which modern Don Cossacks dragged ahead of a column, I shot!

- We have to remember that a fortress capture Ochakov is big Russko's considerable episode - the Turkish war, - noted during actions the chairman of the regional organization of the Ukrainian society of protection of monuments of history and culture Sergey Ivanov. - Also Kinburnsky battle where suvorovsky armies together with the Zaporozhye and Don Cossacks won a victory over Turks preceded it, one year prior to a capture of Ochakovo.

He told that on the Kinburnsky spit still with 1960-x years there was a monument to Suvorov. But a few years ago this monument was stolen. Last year the Cossack organizations of Nikolayevshchina began works on monument restoration on Kinburna. They restored a pedestal of a monument Suvorova, established a cross from above.Then, thanks to efforts of the deputy of regional council Palamaryuka, the monument, was established on this place which representatives called above the organizations consider temporary.

- And now time came to establish there a monument which the worthy it is art - architectural means immortalized Suvorov's memory, - Sergey Ivanov reported. - In this regard, a week ago the board of the regional organization of the Ukrainian society of protection of monuments of history and culture, "Suvorovsky committee" and "Young Guard" made the decision on carrying out architectural competition on the best project on restoration of a monument of Suvorov. By conditions of competition it is provided that sculptors and architects who are a part of the creative unions of artists and architects of Ukraine and Russia can take part in it.

During solemn meeting at a monument to Suvorov the deputy of the Ochakov mayor Andrey Berson noted that in vicinities of Ochakovo archeological and military excavations are conducted. And already there are all bases to believe that to Ochakovo not 515 years as it is considered to be now, and two thousand six hundred.

The leader of "Young Guard", the deputy of the Nikolaev city council Evgenia Bondarenko told that almost only to that teach on stories at modern Ukrainian schools is "Famine-Genocide" and OUN - unitary enterprise. And feats of such great Persons as Suvorov, in view of defined (and quite clear) political circumstances, are suppressed.

Said that it is necessary to place emphasis on patriotic education of children and youth, on need of carrying out voyenno - historical reconstruction and campaigns much. Refer that 221-й anniversaries of a capture of Ochakovo surely have to take part in celebration school students and youth...

Representatives of the All-Ukrainian union of veterans of war in Afghanistan took part in action and soldiers - internatsinalist, the All-Ukrainian organization "We Will Finish War", the regional organization of the Ukrainian society of protection of monuments of history and culture, the regional organization "Suvorovsky Committee", the youth organization "Young Guard" and others, and also deputies of Ochakov city council.


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