To whom the strike of "marshrutchik" in Nikolaev is favorable?

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The strike arranged with the Nikolaev marshrutchik, I caused a big resonance in the city. As already reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the city power intends to deprive of carriers which started a strike, the rights to work at routes next year.

At the same time, the deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha claims that drivers of city minibuses wouldn't strike if there were no excesses from GAI. Thus he considers that the city hall in this situation isn't guilty.

Shifting all fault for current situation with strikes of drivers of minibuses to GAI, A. Zhenzherukh emphasized that the city authorities made a lot of things for situation improvement on the road: streets were expanded, traffic lights are installed, the video equipment for the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area is acquired. "And what made GAI? " - Alexander Zhorzhevich, - "Moreover added, complaints on the city authorities from citizens weren't. The state traffic inspectorate started putting pressure on drivers therefore this strike and occurred".

But if to understand, and in this situation of GAI? The law which provides increase of penalties for violation of traffic regulations was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and employees of the State traffic inspectorate simply perform the work.

Is interesting that fact that "marshrutchik" aren't able to formulate the requirements accurately. And if logically to think, can't provide them the "exclusive" right to violate traffic regulations.

After such involuntarily you catch yourself on thought, instead of whether the action planned it in advance? Also she is planned by those to whom it is favorable that today's carriers deprived of the right to work at routes.

Many know about eagerness of the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika to replace vehicles of small capacity which transport citizens, on buses. The idea good, but in the conditions of an economic crisis of firm carriers isn't able to afford purchase of such buses.

Therefore, most likely, the exit was found very simple - to replace together with vehicles and carriers.To bring into the city "of", and if not to bring, to leave those who to agree to work as with it will tell.

Just like that to refuse - it is inconvenient, here therefore, probably and went by padding of drivers to protests.

The second step is taken also - the city authorities declared that intend to deprive of carriers which started a strike, the rights to work at routes next year.

Most likely, we will hear statements of the mayor already soon that it is necessary to do something urgently. That those who don't want to work - can leave, and the city will find others.

Sources in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies claim that similar movements in this direction already go and people confidants to "the singing mayor" are engaged in all this.

So we will live we will see. Problem created - it is necessary it and to solve. Most likely, buses will be acquired from the city budget. Possibly, without "kickbacks" won't do. And in the most advantageous position remains measures which will present everything as the merit. There was a problem - bought buses, and there is no problem. And he it is able.


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