Pigeons from all Ukraine were flied to Nikolaev

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To last Wick - энд the part of the territory of KIT hypermarket turned into pigeon "Mecca" where pigeon breeders of all Ukraine that to look at other pigeons gathered, and to show the. And also - to exchange or sell.

Taking an opportunity, the square in front of "WHALE" was occupied by dealers in a local bird - the same pigeons, hens, peacocks and even canaries.

The Nikolaev city association of the pigeon breeders which has acted as the organizer of an exhibition, registered more than 1,5 thousand participants of the peculiar "opening day" presenting over one thousand individuals more than 30-ти of breeds. From which, of course, it was distinguished Nikolaev, valued with pigeon breeders of all former Soviet Union and known around the world. About the Nikolaev pigeons their many factory owners warmly responded. The pigeon breeder from Mariupol, for example, noted high qualities of "nikolayevets", such as beskruzhny weeds also ability long "to stand" at height.

The exhibition was opened by the head of housing and communal services Department, the deputy of the mayor V. Novozhilov. Witz - the mayor wished to the Nikolaev pigeon breeders "to come off more often the earth and to aspire in height" - for the feathery pets. Pigeon breeders of Nikolaev weren't in debt, having transferred for the mayor, on the eve of left for business trip, a floor vase with the image of a pigeon - in honor of recent anniversary.

Pigeon breeding was and remains purely man's hobby therefore at an annual Nikolaev exhibition of women was time - two and miscalculated. But boys sufficed. However, the vice-chairman of the Nikolaev city association of pigeon breeders, the chief engineer of KP ELU of highways Pavel Lavrentyev, the pigeon breeder with 48 - summer "experience", says that to the aid of the spouse can always rely: work at it such that it is necessary both to leave at the crack of dawn, and to come back zatemno. But he knows that birds always will be обихожены - are fed, locked. Especially such, as his North Caucasians - rather rare and beautiful breed. For one handsome with the long feathers - almost wings on paws, experts give 5 thousand Russian rubles. On an exhibition Pavel Pavlovich brought still "bakinets" and "Uzbeks". It keeps all three breeds in three dovecots - for contrast.

One more rare breed sat in a cell of the pigeon breeder from Krivoi Rog. Trembling it touched "zhisovsky" to a pigeon. This bird is brought in Poland, and it exchanged it at Polish "colleagues".

Except warmth pigeons, it appears, can present also health. Pavel Lavrentyev told about wonderful properties of meat breed - кингов. They strongly look like little chickens, in Germany them part on farms. And so, dietary meat кингов is capable to cure the child of such unpleasant sore, as diathesis. And, from once and forever. But it, of course, exception. The real destination of a pigeon - to bear love and kindness. To the nature and to similar


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