Kirilenko: I won't be the head of minority of NUNS

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Vyacheslav Kirilenko at a briefing on Tuesday, December 16, officially reported about the resignation from a post of the chairman of NUNS fraction, the correspondent of AMI "News — Ukraine" reports.

"I resigned from the head of "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction of the reasons that for me in political activity by the most important there were principles, instead of any others, in this case less important things", - he told.

Thus it didn't begin to estimate the today's decision of fraction on support of the text of the coalition agreement.

"I won't give it estimates and I consider that in any education there has to be an order. There are 37 voices. They were looked for by 3 months. For the fourth month found. However, it at all that majority which will ensure stable functioning of the coalition, stability in the fraction. But, this majority. Therefore I respect this decision. But I won't be the head of fraction which represents fractional minority … The politician professing the European principles, in such situations has to resign, instead of be involved in long and to nobody the necessary race for power", - Kirilenko noted.

According to him, in parliament again there will be "a fine coalition agreement". Thus he considers that BYuT and its leader Yulia Timoshenko won't carry out it.

According to him, "the politician Tymoshenko will be same". Kirilenko is sure that "any agreement with Tymoshenko costs cheaper, than paper on which it is signed".

He noted that two biggest fractions in parliament - BYuT and PR - "aren't capable to market structural reforms …, but only of capture of the power and its deduction".

Kirilenko considers that after creation of the new coalition "any reform won't be" while the aspiration of one person to receive the top post in the state" will be consecrated ".

That is, in his opinion, Tymoshenko will carry out presidential election campaign.

"I have no trust to that the prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko, that her political force of BYuT will carry out though one point of the coalition agreement. I think, it everything will be noticeable already soon", - he told.

Kirilenko also expressed concern about that role which will be played by KPU fraction after coalition creation.

"I am very concerned that the dominating force in koalitsa


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