Came to create time labor unions on the European sample

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Now in Ukraine, as well as the economic crisis around the world grows. Experts predict that problems of simple people will increase as a snowball. Falling of level of salaries, debts on salaries, mass dismissals, unemployment is expects us in the next two years.

Already I felt impact of financial crisis on myself and the Nikolaev area. Shipbuilding plants which only - only began to rise from knees, began to pass for three-day working week. According to different information, reductions are expected even on powerful, to measures of all Ukraine, the enterprises of the Nikolaev area.

And what in this situation to do to us - simple people? Who will protect us? Local authorities? The country leaders which can't divide portfolios in any way and positions? Political parties which remember simple people only in the run-up to the next or snap elections?

No, problems of all above-named subjects others. So it turns out - each person remains with the problems in private?

Stop! Why to think out the bicycle and to look for protection very far, when it absolutely nearby. About what there is a speech - you ask. And it is a question of labor unions - yes, about trade-union movement which in everything the world protects the rights of workers.

And here you remember that monthly, together with taxes at you from a salary will read "terribly earned" in any labor unions.

And where the help from these labor unions when it is so necessary? And it isn't present.

Whereas around the world trade-union movements suit "dolce vita" to those who violates the rights of workers, at us you remember them only in the pay day when you look in "raschetka".

Around the world without consent of labor unions any decision which though as - that can affect life of workers isn't made. And our labor unions absolutely ceased to work with people and lead the life. They turned in old the rusty mechanism which as if and is, but doesn't work and very few people are necessary.They, in fact, became such to themselves "club on interests", or the closed joint stock company which members elect themselves, to itself determine salaries and "on the quiet" - that here a sin to conceal - подторговывают by that trade-union property which "badly lies".

Whether there will be someone in our area who will give an example of the real help from Regional council of labor unions? I such didn't meet. But the plate, with an inscription "Is leased" on the Trade Unions Building building in the center of Nikolaev, it is difficult not to notice.

Confusion happens and to the management of Federation of labor unions in Kiev. In fight for a post of the chairman of this structure two most influential parties of our country met.

"In ours updating happened Nikolaevsk regional office of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine too. New people seek to make FPU the active working organization which protects the rights of workers - as it becomes around the world", - the new head of the Nikolaev regional office of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine Igor Makhinya tells.

According to him, on November 16 in Nikolaev regional conference of labor unions which the chairman of regional council of labor unions M. Sapozhnikova and many others presented as attempt of raider capture of the building of regional council of labor unions took place.

"All procedures provided in the legislation of Ukraine, were observed. Delegates of conference voted for change of the management of the Nikolaev regional trade council. M. Sapozhnikova was afraid even to leave to communicate with gathered", - I. Makhinya told.

"Today labor unions so grew together with the management of the enterprises and were so removed from simple workers that the functions don't carry out. In fact, this direction, namely protection of the rights of simple workers, nobody is engaged. FPU never was the real labor union. Already came to create time labor unions on the European Union sample where chairmen of labor unions won't be dependent on heads of the enterprises and will be on - to the present, within the current legislation, to defend the rights of workers. This updating is a chance that it such becomes", - Igor Vasilyevich declared.

According to him, the main priorities of activity of FPU, in the conditions of an economic crisis have to become fight against falling of level of salaries, fight against debt on salaries and fight against unemployment.

"In the Nikolaev area point of legal protection against illegal dismissals where help will be given free of charge is already open. It functions to Shevchenko St. address, 73 and who has no opportunity to come can get advice by phones: 67-01-04; 47-80-07", - I. Makhinya emphasized.

In the conditions of an economic crisis labor unions have to stir up the activity in fight against unemployment.

According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Ukraine, from the moment of approach of an economic crisis, most of all the Nikolaev, Cherkassk, Zhitomir, Hmelnitsky, Ternopol, Rovno and Chernovitsky areas suffer from unemployment.

Why old labor unions why they forgot about the concrete duties are silent?

How the labor union can protect the right for work and a worthy salary? The labor union represents interests of labor collective at the conclusion of the collective agreement and has to watch its performance, control all actions of administration.

Members of labor union can't be discharged from office without its consent. Even in case of staff reduction, restructuring or enterprise closing the employer has to hold with labor union consultations concerning mitigation of adverse effects of these processes. That is, directly to influence determination of the size of severance pays for the reduced employees.

Whether present labor unions work in this direction? Question rhetorical. Therefore, most likely, updating of the management of trade-union movement - it is the only thing to do from current situation.

Having communicated to Igor Makhinya, it is possible to draw one very important conclusion - trade-union movement of Ukraine not against partnership with the power and political parties, but only in that case when the last become on a way of protection of workers. I. Makhinya even mentioned that partnership with the power is a necessary condition of protection of workers. But here the main thing that the power didn't create puppet labor unions for fake demonstration of dialogue with people of work.

Alexander Sinitsyn


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