How "milked a cow" and choked from - for five hryvnias deputies at session of city council

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About two hours at today's session of the Nikolaev city council were taken by discussion of new rates of a uniform tax for subjects of business activity.

After speech of the deputy mayor on Valentina Bondarenko's financial questions the floor was taken by deputies who separately spoke against increase of tax rates for businessmen.

- If you want that the cow ate less and bore more milk, it is necessary to feed less her and to milk more, - the deputy of the City Council, the director regional торгово - industrial chamber Sergey Vlasenko (Party of Regions) told. In his opinion, the city power in relation to businessmen if the new system of the taxation is approved quite so will arrive.

Evgenia Bondarenko (Blok of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition") told that it is impossible to raise a tax on foodstuff and drinks (in particular, grain) as now, in the conditions of becoming aggravated crisis, people will eat it instead of meat. In her opinion, it would be necessary to raise a tax (and at least twice) on game business. And the deputy - "vitrenkovets" Svetlana Shtopenko stated more rigid offer - to raise a tax on slot machines not in two, and ten times.

Nina Kolechko (Party of Regions) expressed the indignation of that the uniform tax for state employees is much higher, than for businessmen. Being the principal, she pays a tax of 600 UAH at the income in 2,5 thousand

Alexander Kurchenko (Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc) suggested not to consider at all this program while in the country crisis storms.

Deputies Alexander Zholobetsky (Green Party) and Anatoly Dyumin (Party of Regions) one after another spoke that almost for 50% the city budget is made by taxes of businessmen. And if taxes raise, many businessmen will be compelled to fade into the background.

- Businessmen for 5 hryvnias will hang! - "regional" Dyumin cut off.

- We not against to fill the budget, - quieter tone Gennady Goncharovsky (Party of Regions) said. - But who can give a guarantee, what after increase of rates we will receive more? After half a year we can not be counted even that we receive today.

Businessmen who complained that nearly a half of all got profit at them and so leaves on payment of taxes and all collecting acted also. There pay, there pay, and as a result the income not such and big.

The first deputy mayor Yury Granaturov noted that it is necessary to set aside towards "emotions and epithets" and to ponder upon elementary calculations.

As a result, oblayanny deputies the program of the new taxation didn't collect the necessary quantity votes. The mayor of Nikolaev reported that next week one more has to be carried out, purely "budgetary" session at which will accept new rates of a uniform tax. But before it, in the first half of week, the document has to be considered at meetings of the constant deputy commissions.

That in the draft decision there were new rates of a uniform tax for different types of business activity is remarkable, but tax rates for 2007 weren't painted. After all, as some deputies noted later to the correspondent of "N News", the tax grew on the average by 10-20 hryvnias - not so much. Perhaps, if the comparative table was submitted, and passions would boil not so roughly?.


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