Japanese are still interested in construction of the bypass bridge, the Nikolaev officials

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One of the largest projects presented on a today's investment forum, concerns construction in the territory of Nikolayevshchina of the bypass bridge.

- For today there is a big interest in development of transport knot, - the deputy chief of head department of economy Nikolaev YEAH Mikhail Tulsky notes. - The national policy of Ukraine is directed today on becoming the transit power, regarding passing of freght traffics both sea, and the motor transport. And developing port economy, it is transport - logistic opportunities, we can enter this nation-wide program very in detail. And those projects which are invested today (and a complex of sea terminals in Galitsino, and reconstruction of the port of Ochakovo) show that we can socially advance significantly - economic development of the region.

As for with the construction project of the bypass bridge through the Southern Bug, Mikhail Tulsky says that with this project are well familiar in the Cabinet of Ukraine, in the transport and communication Ministry.

- The main hitch remains that Ukraine needs to confirm finally the guarantees to the Japanese party. The Japanese party didn't refuse even continuation of this construction. The key question became behind the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The deputy chief of management of economy considers that many projects presented on a today's forum, it will be possible to carry out at the expense of a favorable arrangement of the Nikolaev area.

- A number of our projects concerning development of a transport complex, development of processing of agricultural production, construction of combine of kaolinic clay and some other, for certain regions of our area are infrastructure. They not only give the chance to create new workplaces and to increase outputs - they push to development and the mechanical engineering enterprises, and the enterprise of a construction complex, to infrastructure development as a whole. We want to declare more in detail at this forum both to the Cabinet, and government institutions that Nikolaev can become the essential donor regarding currency receipts.It - and export of processing of agricultural branch, shipbuilding, transport services and some other offers …


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