About 100 people in Nikolaev picketed representation of National bank of Ukraine

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Today, on December 18, residents came for picketing of representation of National bank of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

More than hundred people took part in this action. People held banners in hand and stated the mistrust to the present management of government institution.

Their sore problems are familiar to every second inhabitant of the country, in particular, the people who were tired from "a bank lawlessness", made demands which banks, apparently, have to carry out without pickets and protest actions.

Gathered for protest actions asked National bank of Ukraine to take cardinal measures for hryvnia exchange rate stabilization, and also the measures directed on an exit from a crisis situation which developed at present, after all it is obvious, that does National Bank obviously doesn't suffice.

The also picketing made the demand to tie the given-out currency credits to a course which was at the time of issuance of credit, that is people want to tie the credits to national currency and to pay those sums which they took from banks, instead of what grew up for today more than twice.

One of the major demands made on picket, this imposing of the annual moratorium on payment to banks of percent for using the credits.

Actually, the most decent client of bank who literally regularly paid three months ago on the currency credit, turns today into the malicious defaulter because not only that banks increase interest rates for the given-out credits, so also the client can't simply acquire currency, without having paid the huge commissions to bank on which obviously there are no means.

Today, when the National bank is occupied with global problems on economy stabilization in the country, the simple inhabitant of our state suffers from "a bank lawlessness" as to commercial banks "escapes punishment" a violation of the law of Ukraine, after all banks have no lawful algorithm for a raising of interest rates unilaterally. In edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", people to publish the facts of violation by commercial banks of contractual conditions as in National Bank it is almost impossible to reach on the single even more often began to appeal.

On the end of picket all participants put the signatures on letters which will be sent to the chairman of National bank of Ukraine Vladimir Stelmakh, and also to the secretariat of the President.


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