Why Victor Yushchenko came to Nikolaev?

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Today in the city of Nikolaev passes the International investment forum under the name "Nikolayevshchina Investment" (MYTH).

Consuls of Russia, Georgia, Poland and China took part in work of action.

It was announced that in this forum will take direct part and the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko who was in Nikolaev with working visit. But it in Regional palace of culture didn't appear. Didn't wait for the President and the child from the rehabilitation center. And there V. Yushchenko too planned to come around.

In presidium on a scene there were one deputies: deputies of the governor Valery Topikha, Vitaly Travyanko, and also vice-chairman of a regional council Vladimir Pashchenko. It and isn't surprising, after all everything the top officials of area met the President.

At 14.00 V. Yushchenko, having visited Okean plant, I left back for the capital. The president stayed in Nikolaev only 2 hours.

There is a logical question to organizers of both large-scale actions - why it everything is necessary also for whom?.

The majority of those who gathered for the Forum, came only from - that there had to be a President. Having understood that V. Yushchenko won't manage to be seen, guests began to disperse slowly. V. Topikh assured all how many I could that the President will be and tried to hold present, but having understood that anybody any more doesn't trust it, reconciled and neglected a situation.

Victor Yushchenko didn't manage to communicate at all to the Nikolaev journalists - a press - conference was cancelled.

To it nobody was surprised, after all about "MAGNIFICENT" work a press - service YEAH and directly her head Yu. Tikhogo legends go.

Many thanks Yury Ivanovich!

That, why there came to Nikolaev the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko remains a riddle. Perhaps, to check readiness of intelligence services and the militia which employees froze from 8.00 along roads on which the President had to go?


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