The collapse of hryvnia organized National Bank - Tymoshenko

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The prime minister Yulia Timoshenko accuses National Bank under cover of the secretariat of the president of the organization of the speculative scheme at which the hryvnia collapse was planned.

"Everything that is connected today with falling of a hryvnia exchange rate are special speculative operations which are planned in the currency market of Ukraine which are organized with support of NBU and several banks of our country", - began Tymoshenko.

"Since October 1 the National Bank carries out issue, in fact the press of money. Today such issue made 40 billion hryvnias. This issue money has to was is transparent to be transferred for commercial banks and the state banks to cover all gaps and to pay deposits", - the prime minister reported.

"All refinancing, in fact distribution of these 40 billion hryvnias among commercial banks happened in such a way that the main financial streams were concentrated on separate banks which were included into system of creation of large-scale speculative operations with a hryvnia exchange rate", - she declared.

According to Tymoshenko, "40 billion 275 million hryvnias had to support real sector of economy, but almost one fifth part of these means was directed on bank - the bankrupt who was redeemed for waste money".

"7 billion 100 million UAH were directed on Nadra bank where this money accumulated, and then at the rate of NBU which was always below a market rate, this bank redeemed currency. There are some more banks which performed similar operations", - the prime minister declared.

"The bank which got for 60 million dollars, received the financial resources emitted by National Bank, for the sum of 7 billion 100 million UAH. It is scandal for a banking system and National Bank", - Tymoshenko was indignant.

According to the prime minister, during meetings representatives of a banking system told that "kickbacks for receiving money of refinancing for banks made from 3 to 7% of the sum of the money allocated with National Bank".

Tymoshenko reported that "in order that such banks as "Nadr bank" behind which there is mister Firtash, earned more, now it is necessary to bring down a dollar rate".

"And today nearly billion dollars is in such banks and waits for that moment when the hryvnia will fall and becomes the cheapest.As soon as the hryvnia will fall, such banks throw out currency on the market, buy hryvnia and then hryvnia strengthening when they (banks) will buy dollars" is planned, - the prime minister reported.

"On one such oborudka "Nadra of bank" behind which there is a Presidential Administration, half a billion dollars will be necessary in a pocket", - she added.


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