Yesterday at shipbuilding plant which was visited by the President of Ukraine the vessel burned. The boatswain

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Yesterday, on December 18, at plant "Damen шипярдс "Ocean" around 21.00 arose a fire on the Aspro bulk carrier. About it it is reported on a site

We will remind that yesterday this plant, during stay with working visit in Nikolaev, the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko visited. It took part in actions for a case of descent to water of the case of the tanker - химовоза, made by the Damen Shipyards Okean enterprise to order российско - the Norwegian company.

As reported in GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area, the vessel with the displacement of 3 thousand tons belonging to Black Sea Navigable Management firm (Odessa), the port of registry Cambodia, I was on "Ocean" on repair since October 14 of the current year. The crew consisting generally of seamen of Odessa, Kherson and Mariupol, for the period of repair was reduced to 4 people.

The first I heard a smoke smell the senior mechanic. It woke the assistant to the captain and the electrician, and three of them took the air. According to preliminary data, ignition happened on the main deck.

Allegedly, there was a short circuit of a regular cable, then fire was thrown on wooden obreshetnik and a plastic covering. Three crew members, in time to come to light, were lucky - the fire inflamed at level below.

And here the boatswain who was on the main deck, couldn't leave a cabin any more - fire seized the vessel square about 100 sq.m. It densely closed a door of a cabin and stopped up cracks with wet towels. The boatswain too - too little window opening couldn't be evacuated through a window. He tried to reach the self-rescue device, but also this attempt wasn't crowned with success.

To the Nikolaev rescuers reported about a fire at 21.10, and in 2 minutes firefighters were on a place. The decision for rescue of the boatswain to lower on a rope in a window of its cabin the device ASV - on the liquefied air was made. The commander of office Oleg Gusev and the senior firefighter Sergey Kravchenko reached a botsmansky cabin, helped it to put on the device and evacuated the hostage of fire from a burning vessel.

At 22.10 the fire was localized, and still is in a few minutes completely liquidated.

The lost bulk carrier is insured, on Monday to plant there will arrive the representative of insurance company while the commission which has to establish a cause of the fire and the damage caused by fire is created.


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