Nikolayevshchina suffers from ice. On fight against "natural disaster" all forces

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Nikolayevshchina, as well as other areas of Ukraine strongly suffers from ice. Sharp deterioration of weather conditions led to that on roads the ice crust was formed. From - for it practically in all directions motor transport movement is very strongly complicated.

As of 10.00 on December 19 ice on roads is recorded in the western part Cherkassk, Kirovograd, Zaporozhye and on all territory of the Nikolaev and Odessa areas. Reports a press - service of the Ministry of transport of Ukraine.

For safety of traffic movement of passenger transport on regional and regional local roads is temporarily limited.

On fight against "natural disaster" in the Nikolaev area all forces are thrown - the staff on fight against snow drifts and ice is created, on the basis of KP "ELU of Highways" work of service on duty is organized, in the strengthened order employees of the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area and services Ministries of Emergency Situations serve.

As noted in the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit in the Nikolaev area, all equipment of regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures is ready to performance of objectives in any conditions.

Today, difficult weather conditions, forced to cancel the trips to the remote regions of area, even the high-ranking officials of the Nikolaev area. Those who went to the capital, too returned back about Nikolaev. On the main roads it is simple to go not probably - cars slide and them constantly brings.

Already there are first victims of ice. So last night, only in the city of Nikolaev there were, at least, two big accidents:

The first on Ingulsky Bridge - the car and the minibus faced. In the same time on the same bridge the trailer of the truck was unhooked and touched the trolleybus 6-го a route. Fortunately did without victims. The trailer blocked off practically all traffic. Beginning from the Pushkin ring the huge stopper was formed.

The second accident happened on Shirokobalsky Bridge - 4 cars faced at once. The stopper stretched to Kosmonavtov St.

On 150 km to the highway M-14 "Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk" the driver of the GAZ car with the trailer, 1979 year of birth, didn't consider weather conditions - ice, didn't manage to drive and moved down in a ditch. As a result of this incident, both the car, and the trailer, turned over.

And on 103 km of the highway "The Resident of Ulyanovsk — Nikolaev" the driver of the Chevrolet car 1987года the births, didn't choose the safe speed of movement, didn't consider road conditions, didn't manage to drive, carried out congress in left in the movement direction a ditch where crashed into a tree.

The state traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area appeals to drivers - needlessly you don't take the wheel of the car. And if you on the way - be the most attentive in the conditions of insufficient visibility.

Correctly choose a high-speed mode, don't violate the rule of overtaking and maneuvering, be especially attentive near slippery sites of the road, ice is expected, and during night-time approach, in places of a possible exit of people on travel part and near crosswalks.

Soon it isn't necessary to count on improvement of weather conditions. According to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological center, soon in Nikolaev and area cloudy weather will remain.

So, on Saturday, December 20, in the city in the afternoon and in the evening sleet is expected. Wind - east, 5-6 meters per second. Air temperature this day - from 1 to 2 degrees of heat in the afternoon and about 0 at night. On area will be a little colder - in at most +1 afternoon and-1 night. The sleet is also possible. Wind of east, 4-6 meters per second.

On Sunday, December 21, cloudy weather around the city is expected, will pass snow with the rain. The north will blow with a force of 2-4 meters per second. Air temperature in the afternoon - from-1 to 0, at night - from 2 to 1 degree of a frost. In area similar weather is expected.

According to the long-term forecast, at the beginning of the next week of essential changes of weather conditions it isn't expected. Unless on Monday slightly will become cold - will be to a minus 3, at night - to 4 degrees of a frost in the afternoon. Sleet is expected only on Tuesday. In other days it will be foggy, without any precipitations.

If to remember temperature records, the maximum indicators are noted on December 20 in 1982 and made nearly 12 degrees of heat, minimum - in 1946 - a minus 17, 5 degrees. On December 21 the maximum of temperature is recorded in 1980 - nearly 10 with a sign +.Was coldest in 1948 - a minus 18,3 degrees.


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