Yury Lutsenko: In 2009 I plan to remain the Minister of Internal Affairs (for a start)...

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the "Kommersant" took an interest at the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko about plans for the next year:

In life I adhere to the principle - to be consecutive and to finish the begun. I am guided by it in the activity and at a position of the minister. Thus, in 2009 I plan to remain the Minister of Internal Affairs (for a start).
I have a sufficient experience to neglect reached. In 2009 I hope to fix those positive tendencies in militia work which were reached during 2008.

At the beginning of this year we defined five priorities in activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which in conditions of "field tests" confirmed the correctness. Next year we will work more purposefully for result, that is to achieve high-quality changes both in militia work, and in a criminogenic situation as a whole.

For example, in an establishing order question on highways progress is noticeable how speak, with the naked eye. If to be consecutive and basic, to live by new rules (in literal and figurative sense) it is possible to teach in a year - two both drivers, and inspectors of GAI.
We "stepped on a tail" corruption. Nowadays it madly resists, trying "to sting" militia by all available means. We will worry! Also we will press further this hydra...


It was succeeded to adjust more transparent rules in the migratory sphere. Practically from scratch created infrastructure of the maintenance of illegal immigrants. Reached mutual understanding on these questions with the European partners. It hope, will be possible - to create the public migratory service...

We developed approach to a drug traffic. We learn to beat not on "tails", and on organizers of this criminal craft. I want to achieve that fight against drug traffic became a priority for each militia division, and not just BNON.

And at last, all means we will counteract street crime. I feel as soul alarm growth in society in connection with possible criminal consequences of an economic crisis. To help people safer to feel and at home, and on the street - a worthy priority for militia.
And as for political expectations - I don't worry: at my age everything only begins...


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