Nikolaev took prime measures of opposition to crisis

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Deputies of the Nikolaev city council took at the last session prime measures of opposition to the crisis phenomena in the city. The first vice-the mayor Yury Granaturov noted during discussion that is the "flexible" document which will be finished and will change. The Nikolaev deputies threaten to accept the anti-recessionary program together with the budget the next year.

These most "prime measures" are taken on 40 sheets therefore I will stop on the most interesting moments.

In the conditions of crisis the city hall wants to realize the Pure City programs, construction in Nikolaev of the bridge crossing through river. Southern Bug, construction of waste recycling plant … We will remind that in "peace" time implementation of these projects was for various reasons transferred, cancelled or tightened.

Nikolaev intends to promote receiving state orders for such enterprises as "URTI", "NARP", "Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communard", including to achieve implementation of the project on corvette construction (which already on all terms is late and which realization the government I put under a big question mark), to suggest to restore special economic zone for shipbuilding, to achieve a non-inclusion of public industries "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" and "Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards" in the list privatizeable. I dare to notice that they and so are in the list of the enterprises, Unliable privatizations.

The management of the city stakes on small businessmen and plans to increase quantity of trade places in the existing markets and to legalize the spontaneous markets. Whether the dismissed workers only will go to trade - it isn't known, after all experts predict that the first small and medium business will suffer from crisis and it will be most difficult for them.

For crisis it is planned to suspend permissions to trade and granting banking services to the enterprises which aren't registered in Nikolaev, and new permissions to trade will be given only that who pays taxes in the city budget of Nikolaev.

Nikolaev plans due to reduction of terms of preparation of documents for privatization and increases of responsibility of buyers of real estate to receive for calculations in the budget more than 24 million hryvnias in 2008 and 26 million hryvnias - in 2009, and at the expense of the revealed free non-residential premises and strengthening pretenzionno - claim work to tenants - 7 and 7,5 million hryvnias respectively these and following years.

In the budgetary policy are provided not only reports and control of decisions, development and discussion of financial plans at different levels, but also streamlining in December, 2008 of rates of a uniform tax - increase in rates for high-profitable and reduction for low-profitable kinds of activity (we will remind that at the last session of the City Council in December the question on increase of rates for "edinshchik" didn't gather support of a depuy corps). Also the increase in volume of own means of budgetary organizations due to leasing of property, providing paid services, receiving grants is provided, it is offered to increase penalties for violations of the rules of improvement and to impose a tax on TBO export from houses of the private sector. The City Council intends to provide privileges for crisis time for the enterprises which fill the budget, and states of budgetary organizations - "to optimize".

In the humanitarian sphere it is planned "to optimize" a network of educational institutions, to lead regular number of workers to real needs, not to accept additional employees for economy of budgetary funds. In other words, state employees won't get the award, anybody won't take new employees, and some will dismiss.

Also it is planned to lease municipal property in the culture sphere only on a competitive basis. As for preservation of workplaces and population employment, side benefits for the enterprises which don't reduce quantity of workplaces are provided, and privileges from the enterprises which considerably reduce them, and number of the persons participating in public works to increase to 21% are removed.

Enough and "priority actions" providing counteraction to rise in crime in the city, whether only will give it everything expected effect - time will show.And as "The anti-recessionary program" will differ from "prime measures" - time will show, but It should be noted that the considerable part of points of the scarified program presented during an All-Ukrainian seminar "removed" to these most "prime measures".


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