Public organizations will look in everyone "a uniform window"

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Since October, 2008 I started monitoring of work of the uniform allowing centers (UAC) which specialize on delivery of permissions and coordination in the sphere of economic activity. Research is conducted in seven regions of Ukraine (Ivano - Frankovsky, Kiev, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Hmelnitsky, Chernigov areas and ARE the Crimea).

Objects of monitoring are over 20 ERTs. The purpose of such action - the complex analysis of information on ERTs work, development of recommendations and offers for improvement of their functioning and decrease in the general level of corruption in an authorization system.

Research is conducted by the coalition "Initiative" consisting of six organizations which work in the field of assistance to development of business, corruption counteraction in an authorization system and the sphere of regulatory policy at local and national levels.

As the chairman of "Fund of a development of the city of Nikolaev", the deputy of city council Mikhail Zolotukhin, system of work of local government with businessmen by means of so-called "a uniform window" - widespread practice for the developed countries explains. There, as a rule, contact of the businessman which needs to get permission or coordination, and the official which it can make, is completely excluded. The person can use services of "a uniform window" where to him will provide all necessary reference information, will explain that it needs to make, what documents to provide. The businessman collects the necessary papers and hands over in "a uniform window". When passes the put term, it comes behind ready permission, coordination.

He notes that Nikolaev the first in Ukraine entered at itself "a uniform window" in 2001. The good purpose - providing open, transparent, clear and stable rules and procedures was thus declared in relationship of the power and business as necessary condition socially - an economic development of the city. This structure "The uniform commission on questions of coordination of documents for discovery of objects of business" was called.After receiving positive results similar "uniform windows" began to open and in other regions of Ukraine, and the Law of Ukraine "Was adopted about an authorization system in the sphere of economic activity" on September 6, 2005. Now in Ukraine about 680 uniform allowing centers work.

At the same time, for 2007-2008 participants of the Nikolaev anti-corruption coalition "Initiative" revealed non-compliance signs in Nikolaev of the principles and transparency in activity of "a uniform window" that is confirmed by complaints of subjects of business in State Committee representation on regulatory policy and business in the Nikolaev area concerning inadequate performance of the legislation by the city authorities of Nikolaev concerning regulatory policy and to business development. In 2007 the representation received 30 complaints concerning procedures of legalization of subjects of small and medium business, and in five months 2008 - 31 complaint. Non-compliance with the principles of openness and transparency of regulatory and allowing procedures of discovery of objects of business conducts to rigid regulation by the power of conditions of business, and this, clear business, a direct way to corruption development.

During the period since November 2007 till March, 2008 survey of the Ukrainian businessmen and the enterprises, directed on research of a problem of corruption in the sphere of issue of documents of allowing character on separate procedures - for example, regarding construction and the land relations was conducted. In the Nikolaev area ERTs in two cities - Nikolaev and Yuzhnoukrainsk "were monitored". In Nikolaev 40 subjects of business activity, in Yuzhnoukrainsk - 12 were interrogated.

Research showed that introduction of ERTs improved a situation in a domestic authorization system. Duration and number of the procedures necessary for obtaining permissions decreased. The majority of respondents supported the thesis that ERTs assist decrease in corruption, including in the construction and land use sphere.

Among barriers and difficulties the majority of respondents called still too long duration of procedure of obtaining permissions, need independently to address in the allowing bodies, limited range of the services provided through ERTs, and also absence of full and available information on their work.

- Both in Nikolaev, and in Yuzhnoukrainsk powerful staffing of work of the allowing centers, and average age of their employees - is available 30-40 years - quite we accept, - the chief expert of the project, the senior teacher of the Odessa regional institute of regional government of Academy of public administration notes at the President of Ukraine Alesya Golinskaya. - On the one hand, it is young, but rather skilled officials, with another - they are still far till a retirement age and therefore are full of vital plans and ambitions.

The following problem - huge load of the state administrators. If in France the administrator processes two documents in a week, in Russia - six - seven documents in day, in Nikolaev reaches and 12 "pieces of paper" per day. It conducts to decrease in quality of provided services, however the state policy in this sphere doesn't consider a human factor.

The most corrupted services respondents called SES, fire service and some services of the executive bodies connected with architecture and construction.

Independent public research of work of ERTs will last prior to the beginning of 2009. It is supposed that results of research and the recommendations made on their background become a basis for development and further introduction of special offers on improvement of activity of ERTs.

Last week in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the round table on which results of research were presented was carried out. The Nikolaev businessmen, deputies took part in it regional and city councils of Nikolaev and Yuzhnoukrainsk.

The deputy of the South Ukrainian city council Ruslan Usaty told that in Yuzhnoukrainsk as actively similar researches, round tables were conducted in due time. The situation regulating work of the uniform allowing center in this city was fulfilled and approved by city council. Now work of this body is brought to such level that the businessman not that shouldn't - bribe before a choice to someone or not. And to give this bribe - that nobody because in situation an accurate framework is defined and the rigid principles by which the authorization system in Yuzhnoukrainsk has to work are painted.


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