The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine doesn't want to build "corvettes" at the Nikolaev shipbuilding plants. Don't trust owners of plants?

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Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine suggested to rescue the Ukrainian industry from an economic crisis by means of military orders.

We will remind that the committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security and defense suggested to accept earlier the program of construction of the military modern ships of the class "corvette". The ships of this class have to replace the old ships which got to Ukraine from the Soviet Union and, still are adopted voyenno - naval forces of Ukraine.

A month ago it was declared that the first ships of the class "corvette" for Ukrainian voyenno - naval forces will be constructed in France and the Netherlands as the Ukrainian shipbuilding plants the last time floated the military ships in far 1991. The Ministry of Defence began to doubt in ability of the Ukrainian shipbuilding.

This news became unpleasant first of all for the Nikolaev shipbuilding plants and revolted the initiator of this project ex-the Minister of Defence A. Gritsenk. According to him, initiating this program, assumed to get not simply the military ships, and to give an impetus to development of the Ukrainian shipbuilding.

The committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security and defense urged to resume negotiations with the Ukrainian enterprises on the matter. It, generally concerns the Nikolaev shipbuilding plants - plant of 61 Communards and ChSZ. And the Ministry of Defence returned to negotiations with the Ukrainian shipbuilders. But now military have a mistrust to owners of the enterprises.

"The enterprises were privatized. Today their owners - Russians. But we hope will agree", - declare in the Ministry of Defence.

Representatives of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plants assure that are ready to break to work already today but only after money will be transferred.

Now for implementation of this project it is allocated only a third of the necessary sum.

But experts claim that if all sum was allocated, the Ukrainian enterprises could construct only cases, and the weapon and the equipment should be installed the abroad.

According to the program, 14 ships of the class "corvette" have to replace the old ships.The first is planned to put in September, 2009 and to finish its construction in 2012.

The estimated cost of one ship makes about 250 million euros.


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