The next year has to become for residents of the Nikolaev hostels fatal

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Since January 1, 2009 the Law of Ukraine on realization of the rights of residents of hostels comes into force. Many residents of hostels waited for this law not one year because it is urged to bring an order to this very confused obshchezhitovsky economy about what told in RO FGIU on the Nikolaev area.

According to 1-го the deputy head of RO FGIU Lyubov Ochkurova, in a month after the introduction of the law in force at the regional state administration the commission on the solution of problem questions of observance of the rights of residents of hostels has to be created. In the Nikolaev regional state administration, without waiting for law coming into effect, such commission already created, and the deputy governor Natalya Brakovan headed it 1-й.

Besides, within the first three months of the next year as the law says, local governments have to develop special programs for acceptance of hostels in municipal property, submit proposals in the State budget which will concern the means provided on capital repairs of buildings of hostels (at the rate of 50х50 - means of the state and local budgets), and also to create the commissions on carrying out inventories of hostels on which action of this law extends. And it as hostels which are on balance of the state and already privatized enterprises (but not entered authorized capitals), and what were included in authorized capitals of the privatized enterprises.

About quantity of hostels which at corporatisation or privatization didn't enter authorized capitals of the enterprises, in RO FGIU can already tell now. In Nikolaev of such hostels four (JSC NP ERA hostel on st. Frunze, 50, two hostels of JSC Nikolayevpromsantekhmontazh on Ayvazovsky St., 6 and Nikolayevskaya St., 19-and, and also JSC SMU-22 hostel on Nagornaya St., 73-and), and in area - five (all are in Pervomaisk four of which JSC "Gileya", and one JSC Fregat Plant belongs).And here to tell about quantity of hostels which were included in authorized capitals of the privatized enterprises, with a kondachka it is impossible - them much as to include hostels in authorized capitals under laws of Ukraine it was allowed till 2005. If to speak about the most "resonant" hostels which always very famous, - "ChSZ" hostels, in compliance with this law they too have to be transferred to the municipal possession.

On inventory of hostels the law takes away half a year, and with 4-го quarter their direct transfer to municipal property has to begin. And here in this part the legislator presented to local governments not really pleasant surprise. If the hostels which are state ownership (hostels of the state enterprises and those hostels which weren't included in authorized capitals the korporatizirovannykh or the privatized enterprises), have to be transferred to the municipal possession on a bezoplatny basis, for hostels which were included in due time in authorized backgrounds of the enterprises, local governments have to pay compensation to their owners.

According to L.Ochkurova, the method of calculation of the sums of compensations for the present isn't present (it only has to be developed). But, from the point of view of 1-го the deputy head of RO FGIU, the sum of compensation will pay off, proceeding from market cost. The head of RO FGIU Evgeny Kazansky holds other opinion. He considers that, most likely, the speech won't go about market cost.

"The mayor to "ChSZ" management will find approaches, maybe, it will transfer hostels on a bezoplatny basis as the recreation center "Shipbuilder" was transferred to the regional municipal possession" in due time, - E.Kazansky told.
It is clear that at all difficulties of crisis 2009 the compensation provision of the law looks very and very disputable. It is very difficult to imagine a situation in which of the poor city budget it will be possible to snatch funds for payment to the owner of a hostel who in turn, most likely, will try to use standard of this law for the solution of own financial problems. So transfer of such hostels to municipal property can be tightened.

Though earlier, I reminded E.Kazan, transfer procedure too not always was fast - from - that the city authorities demanded from the lying enterprises - bankrupts to carry out overhaul of hostels transferred to the municipal possession (so was with Dormashina plant) though such requirement from the point of view of the legislation was groundless.

But anyway the new law has to solve problems of the people living in a hostel, and to bring an order to this sphere. After all there are cases when the people having own housing, don't refuse the room in a hostel to use it for commercial purposes (to let). But it, perhaps, exception to the rules. And in "rules", unfortunately, - lawlessness of residents of hostels at whom never was and, likely, won't be other housing.


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