Real salaries of Ukrainians record-breaking fell

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In November Goskomstat recorded the monthly decrease in the size of an average salary largest since 2001. Last month nominal salaries of Ukrainians decreased by 4,9%, real - for 6,2%. Experts note that after seasonal payment of awards in December the tendency of reduction of the size of salaries will last during all first half of 2009, reports The Kommersant — Ukraine edition.

Yesterday Goskomstat reported about unprecedentedly high decrease in the size of the real salaries, recorded in November. The real average salary taking into account 1,5-percentage inflation decreased last month at once by 6,2%. In October recession made only 1,7%. Decrease in a nominal salary in November made 94 hryvnias - to 1823 hryvnias (-4,9%). Thus, from - for sharp reduction of a real average salary the general size of an average annual real salary in January - November fell to 0,2%, for the first time since 2000. In January - November, 2007 the real salary grew by 14,4%.

So essential decrease in real salaries in November became record since January, 2008 (-11,4%). However reduction of the size of salaries in January is traditional: in the reporting of December employers include payment 13-й salaries, annual bonuses and awards. If not to consider January decrease, 6-percentage recession of the size of salaries in Ukraine wasn't at least since 2001 (Goskomstat keeps the reporting under monthly dynamics of salaries only since 2002), notes "the Kommersant - Ukraine".

Besides decrease in the size of salaries, Goskomstat recorded record increase in debt on their payment in November: in a month debts grew by 0,6931 billion hryvnias - to 1,7367 billion hryvnias. And in the conditions of the compelled part-time employment there were 0,649 million people, or 5,8% of able-bodied population.

The greatest decrease in nominal salaries in November was recorded in construction (-11,6%, to 1624 hryvnias), the industries (-8,6%, to 1933 hryvnias), agriculture (-8,5%, to 1152 hryvnias), transport and communication (-8,1%, to 2095 hryvnias), trade (-6,3%, to 1480 hryvnias). In the industry the greatest recession was recorded in chemical branch (-18,1%, to 1845 hryvnias), mechanical engineering (-13,3%, to 1626 hryvnias) and metallurgy (-12,8%, to 2018 hryvnias). As well as in the October, the greatest reduction of the size of an average salary happened in industrial areas: Donetsk (-7,7%), Dnepropetrovsk (-7,6%) and Zaporozhye (-6,2%).

Increase in salaries the greatest absolute increase - in the sphere of public administration (for 105 hryvnias - to 2870 hryvnias, +3,4%) is recorded in four segments, and. Earlier experts explained growth of salaries in a public sector with additional expenses on payments to the dismissed employees. The average salary in financial activity didn't change (3849 hryvnias), and in real estate decreased by 0,1% (to 2201 hryvnias).

In 2009 experts don't expect return of high growth rates of real salaries, characteristic for the last years. "Most likely, following the results of 2009 we will receive the zero growth of real salaries or even their small decrease. The first half of the year becomes peak of decrease, and in the second half of year the situation gradually will start improving", - the expert of the Gainsfort Research company Evgenia Akhtyrko "Dynamics of recession of salaries considers will interrupt in December, but instead of traditional growth by 10% there will be a growth by some percent. Since January and all first half of the year we will observe continuation of a tendency of decrease in the size of salaries", - the analyst of IK Dragon Capital Elena Belan predicts. Thus the president of the Ukrainian society of financial analysts Yury Prozorov notes that in 2009 dynamics of decrease in salaries on branches will change:" If in the industry decrease in salaries already happened and now it is worth expecting only indefinite leaves of employees, at the beginning of 2009 decrease in salaries will be recorded in financial sector and real estate".


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