In Nikolaev anybody doesn't have business before development of bodies of self-organization of the population

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The deputy of city council, the chairman of "Fund of a development of the city of Nikolaev" Mikhail Zolotukhin considers that in the city anybody doesn't have business before development of bodies of self-organization of the population.

It became clear from his statements at today's conference in the Southern Truth newspaper editorial office, OSN devoted problems and a performance course (and if to tell more precisely - non-performance) development Programs for 2007-2008.

The program, as we know, is approved by the Nikolaev City Council on April 19, 2007. Then it was a certain break as the similar program is accepted only in Odessa, M. Zolotukhin reported.

According to him, initially the program provided methodical support of bodies of self-organization of the population, and also creation of association of all BASES, as instrument of resource and organizational support of these public institutes. And the association had to be under construction by the principle of a vertical (from top to down). Also it was unclear that it is establishment, or the organization. Also it was meant that competition among bodies of self-organization of the population, as the instrument of financial support of bodies of self-organization will be held. That in the city isn't enough BASES (at present - 21) was reproached and they don't cover levels of residential districts.

- On the one hand, it is part of system of local government. With other party (it doesn't need to be forgotten, and developers of the program it was missed), it is an institution of civil society which is directed on protection of the rights and interests of local communities... Last year the mechanism (delegations of powers ОСНам - a bus) was developed. However in a year any body of self-organization didn't receive due delegation - in many respects because of a neotrabotannost of the situation. So it was "generally" painted that when concerned procedures, physically to undergo procedure (who for what who answers also that does) it was difficult even to present - in view of the fact that the draft agreement by which powers are delegated, finance and property wasn't approved, - Mikhail Zolotukhin shared impressions. - The Communications Department remained in private with all problems. The commission of housing and communal services according to the lights and opportunities both checked, and helped.But system as that, wasn't registered. And in the program there was no accurate funding mechanism, the accurate mechanism of responsibility.

The question of not application of funds of 300 thousand hryvnias which are annually allocated for OSN financing was again brought up. Last year 300 thousand hryvnias allocated for needs of bodies of self-organization of the population, weren't mastered and in the end of the year were transferred to youth construction. In the current year, according to Mikhail Zolotukhin, "again the same song" - 300 thousand hryvnias were allocated, and, despite activity of bodies of self-organization of the population in the second half of year, this money "moved" in improvement of housing and communal services.

- The program was heroically carried out without money. Honor and praise to Communications Department, - I told g - N Zolotukhin. - Wanted to make well - it turned out, as always. We faced about reeves of imperfection of this program, impossibility to finance it. That heroically management carried out it not to take away that. But to carry out without money when there is money it it is simply ridiculous.

Action of the program is prolonged by the solution of October session of city council for 2009. As the additional manager of means housing and communal services Department were entered.

- It is necessary to adopt to the next quarter or amendments to this program, or the new program for development of self-organization of the population.

Mikhail Zolotukhin considers that in conditions when deputies are elected according to party lists (so-called proportional system - a bus), councils of BASES could become a prototype of "lower house" of city council.


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