The seagull promises to put in January the end to the epic with waste recycling plant

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As it was already noted, today, on December 29, to journalists presented new equipment on a city dump and told about the trees planted on perimeter of the range. And still looking at tons of the dumped garbage and one thousand of crows turning over it, it is necessary to be set also by other questions: how this dump will long exist, and how soon on its place the multipromised waste recycling plant will be built?

According to the deputy head of department of protection of surrounding environment Vladimir Korchagov, the dump is calculated on 50 million tons. It works since 1972. 38 million tons of garbage are loaded already, so it was necessary to load 12 million tons. The range is operated to the maximum as in places its depth reaches 15-20 meters. By calculations of - on Korchagov, the dump will be able to serve nikolayevets approximately three more - four years.

If so, what, as they say, after?

- Projects of waste recycling plant are considered, - tells g - N Korchagov. - Today nine projects are already presented. All of them on - to the are interesting, on - to the are good. But there are nuances which want to be studied in more detail. And for this purpose time is necessary.

He explained that it is possible to realize the project a dump nakrytiya at which there is a fence of biogas and its processing in the electric power, warmly, etc. It is the Israeli project. Americans offer something similar - establish here waste recycling plant and process a dump.

However it is simple to take and close the range when all its resources will be settled, will do more harm, than advantage as closing of the range will mean a stop of all works on it.

- If the waste recycling plant isn't constructed, this territory will be unsuitable constantly. It will be unsuitable for anything, - Vladimir Korchagov speaks. - The morphological structure of garbage - generally the polyethylene, which decomposition takes more than hundred years. One of options of a solution - processing of all dump.

The question of construction of waste recycling plant in the territory of the city range of solid household waste, as we know, "hung in mid-air". The mayor Vladimir Chaika expressed the dissatisfaction as follows:

- I so look, we were got stuck in these public hearings. All come with the trends, expectations. However anybody yet didn't tell that this or this project has to arrange the city of Nikolaev. All turn, philosophize, tell, it is necessary how to live round these TBO. Therefore after January 12-15 we will make a final decision, we will hold final negotiations and we will receive confirmation. Only bank confirmation will be a guarantee of that we will start this or that company to the city of Nikolaev. Otherwise, it everything - a bluff. And we saw it when considered all documents. In total as if is. "And here grant to us now the right, we will look for the investor". Such partners aren't necessary to us.

The question causes also other moment. If the dump serves four more years, whether that will turn out so, what the dump should be closed, and MPK construction by this moment won't be finished yet?


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