Yatsenyuk: $250 are "economy", $418 are "whim"

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The People's Deputy from WELL - NANOSECOND, ex-the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers that the ceiling market price of the Russian gas for Ukraine can make the 250th dale. for 1 thousand cubic meter.

He told about it in the UNIAN comment.

The politician noted that the course of negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on a new element of foreign policy - gas - has identical tendencies for many last years.

As the former Minister of Foreign Affairs A.Yatsenyuk reminded that "intergovernmental protocols to the interstate gas agreement always were signed very difficult as they had short-term character - only 1 year, and implementation of the intergovernmental gas agreement till 2009 inclusive in general was ignored since 2006 though such agreement is operating and today".

According to A.Yatsenyuk, the Big contract between Ukraine and the Russian Federation defines the principles of non-discrimination and development of the economic and power relations, however real legal levers of performance of such principles weren't acquired. And such levers, the politician noted, there can be only additional agreements to the Big contract which accurately would interpret the relevant provisions including in gas sector upon what the agreement at the level of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of two countries still in 2 - m was reached half-year 2007.

The deputy noted that "gas is the same power goods, as oil, coal, nuclear fuel. The only basic difference between gas and oil it that gas isn't exchange goods and can't be transported some other way, than through pipeline transport (an exception the LNG model, the liquefied natural gas, however such form of transportation very expensive is)".

He also noted that gas price "is directly attached" to the prices of other power products, after all all of them are interchangeable. "The key indicator - an exchange price of oil which in 2008 fell from 148 dollars for barrel to 38, that is almost by 4 times. Therefore about any 418 dollars there can't be a speech. Same economy, instead of whims", - A.Yatsenyuk declared.

He considers that price level on gas and its transit between Ukraine and the Russian Federation in 2008 was accepted for both parties from - for rather low price of acquisition of gas Ukraine and similarly low price of transit for the Russian Federation. "Really, the ceiling market price - 250 dollars", - were noted by A.Yatsenyuk. According to him, it means that "we have to pass to similar ceiling market price of transit - within 2,8 dollars. Under other circumstances the price whether 418, whether 250 dollars is really preferential, only not for Ukraine, and for "Gazprom".

At an invariable rate of transit and increase in gas price for Ukraine our country will constantly subsidize to "Gazprom" gas transit to Europe. After all only on technology of pumping of gas about 6 billion cubic meters of gas which will be bought in the Russian Federation are necessary and will cost as a whole 1,5 billion dollars. If to consider only cost of pumping, "Naftogaz of Ukraine" will incur losses, at least, 500 million dollars annually, thus without having funds for maintenance of carelessness of system of transportation".

On A.Yatsenyuk's belief, "New Year's "gas" negotiations will until proceed while we won't sign with our Russian partners the long-term agreement between the relevant state monopolies with accurate approaches concerning pricing on gas, its acquisition, transportation and transit payment". He added that it is also necessary finally "to put the end" to a question of the Central Asian gas that "wasn't as always - who whom and with whom will outwit". According to the politician if the Russian Federation refuses the Central Asian market, it significantly changes system of the relations and the prices both of gas, and of transit between "Gazprom" and "Naftogaz of Ukraine".


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