We again lost to Russia in information war...

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I joyfully intended this New year though on a diagonal, but to look at New Year's transfers on the main channels and to solve, what of them more coolly. In total - that - that, and New Year's our musicals are able to do and the Russian TV channels too not a bast shoe sup Russian cabbage soup, they usually always have something interesting. The TV for any period of time ceased to seem to me the useless invention of mankind. Hadn't legal proceedings … This time the Russian news with gas history about non-payments of Ukraine and our unwillingness to sign the contract were the main course of the New Year's telemenu. And, considering that my father as I already mentioned, the typical Russian compatriot abroad, watches the Russian news on all channels, about insidiousness of own Ukrainian management I had to hear to this terrible story repeatedly... It were simply the series with participation of the main persons of the Russian State. With what, I'm sorry, I want you to acquaint …

31-го December each hour on TV screens appeared the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller who said that gas negotiations came to the end without results, Ukraine debts doesn't pay, there are at this country the political forces interested in the gas conflict. For dinner TV men presented a new dish. In front of cameras Dmitry Anatolyevich (the president of Russia) and Vladimir Vladimirovich (her prime minister) appeared, there was the second action of performance: "Oh don't pay, these sterveets". You know, how it at them...picture such conversation, they many times so in front of cameras met, well, there discussed minutes so on one and a half structure of the government or the development plan for 20 years. And now here is how on hand-written Dmitry Anatolyevich speaks: "At us in the last some years the sad tradition was formed, all gather for a meeting of New year, and our Ukrainian partners conduct with us negotiations on supply of gas. This year - too not an exception". "Yes, it is valid, it already became a sure sign of approach of New year - activization of negotiations of this sort", - the prime minister agreed. Further Vladimir Vladimirovich explains that offered by Russia to Ukraine gas price incredibly brotherly, she in general humanitarian and is explained only by love of Russia to her smaller partner who is in a predefault state. (And told that a state at us predefault). Conversation by with what usually come to an end in the TV of a meeting of two Russian heads, well at us that, fie - fie ended, everything is good, we - the social state, we to the people of wages raise and everything at us will be good.

On a question tormenting me, whether the money transferred by Ukraine reached Gazprom, Russian the head answered. (Means - reached, I solved). Also I tried to receive confirmation of the guess on the Ukrainian TV channels. What there, they joyfully twisted Kirkorov, Rasputin and Pugacheva's concert of thirty-year prescription. Well them is that Miller wasn't too lazy - to give a press conference and where our majestic the husband why not to send live to the people the payment order, what money went to Russia? !

But why about all I have to learn from the Russian news, - I was angry. Especially, not the fact that there will tell the truth. Further - it is more … To Miller's already traveled all over record news was added: the head of Neftegaz Oleg Dubina interrupted negotiations and left Moscow (on the hearings, reached the Russian TV channels, according to Yushchenko's personal order).

"Medvedev is right, we and our gas contract became hostages of interclan fight", - my father of the word from recent dialogue of two Russian leaders sadly repeats. And I am silent, having bitten tongue, Oleg Dubina had to give somehow, by phone or at the airport the first a press - conference. And to tell about everything, or nearly about everything, or that considers it necessary and that will be reasonably useful the nobility to society, but it is impossible to leave the people on short information rations.The people won't be hungry, the Russian telesupermarkets will offer the production, only it isn't necessary to be killed then why we lose information wars.

And at this time, on the first and second of January to Miller decided to allow to have a rest, but the Russian TV men who showed didn't sleep, how exactly Gazprom disconnects gas at compressor stations. In detail so showed, all anatomy of shutdown, here these three pipes there are to Europe, and here this two - to Ukraine. And here in these two pipes gas won't arrive, but we in at station in Slovakia will count, how many gas to Europe reached, after all it goes with a certain speed. "To disconnect gas to Ukraine, it isn't necessary to turn any gate, - the Russian TV men in detail describe, - it is enough to give command at station and here on the computer it is possible to block deliveries. Staff of compressor stations with the Ukrainian surnames and the Ukrainian accent obviously without pleasure answers questions of journalists, it will be how exactly visible if Ukraine - selects the Russian gas. And I am again spat from that any Ukrainian gas worker, any channel of that ask podobstrastny questions to the President in the warm studio, didn't leave on our stations and didn't tell how it everything occurs, and didn't devote in knowledge of gas automatic equipment already at the stations. After all how many that for conversation could be found to show that for ensuring operation of the gas pipeline for gas transit to Europe the gas resource too is necessary. But our journalists had a rest. And Ukrainians listened to the one thousand first Chinese, forgive the Russian prevention that here - here already absolutely we disconnect to you gas and look once again as there is a shutdown. And though affairs at us were not so already badly (Yushchenko with Tymoshenko made the joint statement, we defended the gas price, and thus heat in houses didn't disappear) Ukraine everything is lost this information war.

- At us smells as specific gas? It because we use gas from underground storages, - my father noticed in the morning on the second of January, having come into kitchen.

- Fathers, in our storages the same Russian gas is pumped. It all smells equally. It we with the son burned down Bengal lights …

The second me already felt sick from the Russian news … But here I was called by the brother from England, he is a historian and in general the guy with an active living position.

- Well you there? - I took an interest.

- We save - жлобимся to pay to Russia on 418 dollars for gas, we want on two hundred one and kopek more, - I answer.

- I am aware … At us this subject actively discuss in the press and at university.

- Us abuse? Write, probably, that interclan fight and the inefficient power of Ukraine calls into question energy security …

- No - opposite. All are very moderate, and even call Russia for constructive dialogue.

- Thanks. Word of honor, first latest news over the last two days. Happy New Year you!

- And you - too. Don't freeze, - the brother giggled in a tube.


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