The specialist in "solution" of the land questions became vice-the mayor of Nikolaev

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Each session of the Nikolaev city council begins with that before the building where pass meetings of people's deputies - be - that building of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies or the Teacher's club, the citizens protesting against actions of the city authorities gather. Generally pickets which grow before sessions as mushrooms after a rain, "opaquely" hint the city management that citizens are dissatisfied with how the city of Nikolaev is built up.

And it is valid as here you will be happy when instead of playgrounds in the yards there are houses, office centers, saunas and many other things.

Why - most "on nuts" from residents the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika gets that. Before sessions furious picketers try "to catch" it and to express the claims. Most often our singing mayor manages with honor to leave similar situations, however sometimes and he doesn't have enough patience. So, at recent session the mayor who has hardly broken in a sessional hall through crowd of furious picketers, addressed to deputies with quite logical offer to share with it responsibility before residents as decisions including that caused so rough reaction of the population, were accepted together. That fact that deputies didn't react in any way to this appeal of the mayor, isn't surprising. Collective responsibility - piece interesting.

However whether only the mayor has to answer before the population? After all besides collectively irresponsible depuy corps of the City Council, at Vladimir Dmitriyevich is some reliable advisers and the colleagues carrying a proud rank vice-mayors. They help the mayor to make decisions, prompting and directing actions of the mayor to the necessary course.

However, recently not really - that also is lucky Dmitriyevich with these most "reliable support".That Bolotny "will be at fault", Bugayenko will leave … Here also it is necessary to recruit advisers from this, as they say, that God will send … However if to look narrowly at a personnel resource, it is possible to see quite accurately that god sending to our singing mayor of assistants, is quite tangible and even moderately well-fad acting politician who lives where - that near Nikolskaya St.

So already it developed historically that our city on the political convictions inclines to is white - blue scale.

And even the vice-mayors in the majority belong today to this political force. Granaturov, Bondarenko, Bugayenko, Novozhilov - all listed deputies of the mayor are representatives of Party of Regions. And if to this list to add also the secretary of the Nikolaev city council V. Korenyugin who also belongs to this political force, it is possible to rearrange as it is necessary Vladimir Dmitriyevich... Only who else remained from old team of the mayor - Alexander Zhenzherukha. But, as they say, one man is no man.

All perfectly understand that "the king the suite" does, however in our case and suite of the king, that is the mayor, puts on the right track, and at times even isn't veiled, the one and only person.

Who actually influences many things occurring in the city of Nikolaev, it is easy to guess. And at the last session of the Nikolaev city council there was an indicative case which confirms all this.

It is a question of appointment vice-the mayor Leonid Fomenko. In spite of the fact that Vladimir Chaika before session approached almost to each people's deputy and asked to raise a hand during vote to destination vice-the mayor, it was clear that Leonid Borisovich is a protege "is white - blue".

Everything became even more clear when Leonid Fomenko came to a tribune. According to an appointment procedure vice-the mayor, the candidate has to visit meeting of each of City Council fractions that so to speak "people to look, prove to be". However it became clear that in deputies practically nobody saw the candidate at meetings of fractions as he didn't visit fraction.

According to Leonid Borisovich, he was limited to visit to the members of the same party - regionals. But even his colleagues apprehended these words with surprise, and on expressions of their persons it was possible to understand that he too didn't drop in on them.

So visit on what meeting of fraction limited Leonid Fomenko? Possibly, he visited only one person - the politician which here already some time with enviable constancy as the wise personnel officer "palms off" on Vladimir Chaika the checked people.

However, having studied Leonid Borisovich Fomenko's curriculum vitae, it is possible to see that it is very skilled person. It held a position of the chief architect of the city already twice: the first time at the time of the Soviet Union, from 1979 to 1984, the second time - with 1998 on 2000.

Recently it generally worked at firms which have a direct bearing on the chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Nikolay Kruglov.

Since June 2001 till February 2006 it held a position of the chief of construction department and the director of the ChPISF enterprise "the XXI century Nikolaev". Since March 2006 till November 2006 - I worked as the chief architect of JSC Novostroy Nikolaev, and since December 2006 - the chief architect of JSC M. Group.

In owners of all these enterprises Nikolay Petrovich Kruglov's son-in-law - Nikolay Marinov appears.

Well and what in it bad? - you ask. Really, anything - the skilled, checked person who will work for the benefit of the city and at the right time to help to resolve issues of members of the same party. Interestingly here another. In the summary which is written, already vice-one very interesting point - "The solution of questions of land allocations" is the mayor, L. Fomenko.

It Leonid Borisovich, judging by his summary, was engaged the last 7 years.

It turns out that when the regional prosecutor's office requested all decisions of the courts for the last year which legalized самозастрои, the mayor in an environment has a person who doesn't deny that it "resolved" issues of land allocations

Not clear there is a situation and with one more vacant place vice-the mayor. After leaving from T. Bugayenko's this position in Party of Regions serious fight for this post was developed. According to available information, applicants two: R. Vdovichenko and V. Voronov. Raisa Petrovna's part was taken by N. Kruglov, but young regionals aren't going to give up.

Possibly, soon "the person from Nikolskaya" will want to replace and the mayor. And that, it is quite real prospect, after all the worthy candidate is - the first deputy Yury Granaturov.


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