Yushchenko: Ukraine for market price of gas

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Ukraine supports transition to market price to gas.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO declared a press it yesterday on joint - conferences in Kiev with the prime minister - the minister of the Czech Republic presiding in EU Mirek TOPOLANEK.

V. Yushchenko noted that the main problem in the bilateral relations between Ukraine and Russia in the gas sphere is that gas price was political. "And today, when we conduct polemic (concerning gas price - the UNIAN), pay attention: we speak not about the principles pricing, and we conduct polemic round that - 450 (dollars for gas) it a little or much. In relation to what it isn't enough or much? ", - V. Yushchenko told.

It reminded that at the beginning of 2008 the agreement between presidents of Ukraine and Russia, fixed subsequently in the Memorandum of prime ministers of two countries, concerning transition for three years on market prices of gas, for gas transit, and also for gas storage in storages was reached.

V. Yushchenko paid attention that today the Russian side demands the European gas price for Ukraine, but wants to leave the price for transit at the level of 1,6 dale. while in Germany this price makes 4,8 dale. and in the Czech Republic - the 4th dale. "It not the market relations", - V. Yushchenko told.

At the same time the President emphasized that today it is very important to acquire pricing mechanisms on gas, on its transit and storage.

In turn M. TOPOLANEK noted that in his country gas price is formed mathematically and is connected with the price of oil and a dollar rate. He reported that recently this price made 450 dollars for one thousand cubic meter, but he doesn't exclude that from - for world tendencies, in particular falling of prices of oil, this price can make in the near future even 250 dollars for one thousand cubic meter.

As reported the UNIAN, on January 1 V. Yushchenko declared that the gas price in 2009 for Ukraine has to make at most 210 dollars.

Today, on January 9, the official representative of JSC Gazprom Sergey KUPRIYANOV told that "if gas price which "Gazprom" delivers to the states of Eastern Europe neighboring to Ukraine, in the I quarter 2009 makes approximately the 470th dale. for one thousand cubic.m, and Ukraine has to pay market price for gas".

On January 8 the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir PUTIN declared that a market transit rate for today are 3,4 dollars.


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