To the Nikolaev political forces all the same, what happens to gas in Ukraine?

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The head of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian People's Party Yury Shirko considers that the price established by Russia for gas in 450 dollars automatically will raise the price for transit at least twice, with 1,7 to 3-4 dollars for pumping of 1 thousand cubic meter by 100 kilometers. Even after such increase transit through Ukraine remains to the most favorable to Russia because in Europe this tariff makes 9-10 dollars. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party.

Yury Shirko emphasized that all statements from Russia relatively the gas allegedly stolen by Ukraine - the next purposeful misinformation which aims to discredit our state. Allegedly stolen gas actually is used at compressor stations just to provide the necessary volume of transit. In a situation which developed, Yury Shirko considers actions of the Ukrainian party entirely adequate.

From edition: It certainly is good that the head of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization states the position in a gas question but as - that is strange that this reaction a little overdue. Possibly, Yury Shirko waited while the President of Ukraine Victor Andreevich Yushchenko will speak and will accurately outline the position. It should be noted that UNP meanwhile only from the Nikolaev political forces which distributed the comments on a gas problem. Unclear, why the Party of Regions and BYuT is silent. Really they have no own position in the matter?


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