Lutsenko wants to degrade Yushchenko in presidents of the island Snake

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Continuous process of "kuchmization" of the leader Maydan Victor Yushchenko was the worst in left 2008. About it, making comments on results of last year on air "the 5th channel", the leader of "National self-defense" Yury Lutsenko declared.

"Year was extremely heavy. And not because there were serious barriers or problems, and from - for problems in Maidan team which I personify. Continuous process of "kuchmization" of the leader Maydan Victor Andreevich Yushchenko which in the eyes at first stopped in the democratic development was the worst for this year, and then constantly in word and deed began to turn into the leader who replaced (on a post of the President). It is very unpleasant. But it is very difficult. Also it is the fact. That on its initiative fight against own team was untied, against own government, against own parliamentary majority, led to a number of unpleasant moral and political losses", - Yu. Lutsenko who quotes a press - service "National self-defense" told.

Yu. Lutsenko hopes that financial crisis will unite leaders of the country.

"Now I on the party of those people who united, and we are ready to work for the benefit of Ukraine. If us becomes more, it would be very good. But I am the moderate optimist in this question because our politicians, obviously, deserve to direct the island Snake more, than the whole country which so needs their uniform, coordinated work. I don't know that to do with our leaders who have more than ambitions, than opportunities. Unfortunately, in the country three main positions, and applicants are much more", - he noted.


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