Yushchenko wants one more contract with Russia that it was possible to swing gas to Europe

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Ukraine suggests Russia to sign the technical agreement on renewal of supply of the Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine.

It on a press - conferences on Tuesday were declared by the president Victor Yushchenko.

"The Ukrainian party prepared the draft of the technical agreement which gives the answer to a number of things. This direction of deliveries, volumes and quality of gas, pressure on an entrance and at the exit. We don't discuss a question of the price of gas, tariffs for transit. We speak only about possibility of technological start and reception of the Russian gas", - he told.

"I carry on continuous dialogue with the head of European Commission mister Barroso, every day I communicate with the leadership of the Russian Federation. We make all efforts to finish technical training for system start, to come to the technical agreement which regulates procedure of start of system", - Yushchenko added.

He hoped that the Russian side "will responsibly belong to this procedure".

"It is convinced what exactly these technical solutions and have to be exposed to European Commission monitoring", - the president told.

Yushchenko explained that now the gas transmission system of Ukraine works in an internal mode for providing all regions of Ukraine with gas from own storages and gas of own production.

"Meaning that the East of Ukraine is technologically constructed in such a way that it is focused only on the Russian deliveries and there is no opportunity for feed from other regions of Ukraine, procedure of renewal of pumping of the Russian gas has to correspond to a number of requirements", - he told.

The main technological condition of pumping of the Russian gas through the Ukrainian territory, according to Yushchenko is "to return to supply of gas in the status - кво on December 31, 2008".

"It is very important that supply of gas was restored in those directions in which the system in December, 2008 worked. Then there is an opportunity перетрансформировать work of the Ukrainian system from deliveries of own resources to east regions to ensuring transit of the European gas", - he told.

"The gas transmission system can't accept 50 million cubic meter of the Russian gas for pumping to any country.We have to enter all system into a regular mode, restore normal work in which the system was till January 1, 2009", - Yushchenko added.

"It is very sensitive moment that we didn't leave Donetsk without gas, Lugansk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, the South of Zaporozhye", - the president emphasized.


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