The antimonopoly committee recommends to businessmen to stock up with new bulbs

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Conversations on need of economy of means and resources, in view of the developed crisis and the facts of shutdown of gas, it is necessary to hear even more often. Though, undoubtedly, for any person understanding of that from now on it is necessary to save, it is the extremely unpleasant: to start saving means practically the same, as to start itself restraining in something.

The speech about economy came and at a yesterday's meeting of representatives of the city power with representatives of the Nikolaev business.

All began that the deputy of city council (Nikolaev — for Chaika block), the business owner (the Cathérine market, the residential district Salt) Alexander Kuznetsov complained of the regional power. According to him, the businessman irrespective of, he works or doesn't work, is obliged to pay the electric power for some months forward. It thus that electric power cost constantly increases - reached already 80 kopeks for kilowatt, and will soon reach and 1 UAH. He made the offer to consider a question of imposing of the moratorium on such requisitions from businessmen.

The deputy chief of the Nikolaev territorial office of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine Victor Volik explained that tariffs for the electric power are established by the National commission of regulation by power industry. And to regional power to address to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the City Council on this matter it is absolutely useless. In the Nikolaev area this commission, according to him, is presented by even not legal entity, and very small representation.

Nevertheless, with "Nikolayevoblenergo" not everything so is smooth. Last year, according to the statement of one of businessmen, the Antimonopoly committee considered concerning called above structure case on abuse of a monopoly position.

- The businessman disconnected from power supply for "failure to pay an advance payment", - Victor Volik told. - Though 25-I article of the law about power industry say that the consumed electric power is paid only. The electrosupplying organization and the consumer determine by the contract how they pay. But the same the regional power carries it in "dodatka" of the contract.If you look 10-й at "dodatok" of your contract, you will see that you there undertook to make an advance payment.

The antimonopoly committee made regional power responsible. In what form regional power will be responsible while it isn't clear as the decision is challenged in court.

In this instance animonopolshchik try to prove jealously that failure to pay an advance payment doesn't grant the electrosupplying organization the right to disconnect the electric power.

- Means, today we pay for the electric power of 70-80 kopeks/kW, and our electric power abroad sell for 11 kopeks, - the businessman of the Kolos market Feofan Sergiyenko was indignant.

Nevertheless, according to Victor Volik, it is necessary to reduce consumption.

- Same, probably, not news that in Ukraine, in global understanding, we are very expensive from the point of view of energy carriers. It concerns both gas, and the electric power, - he told. - It isn't necessary to amuse itself hopes that we here will gather, and at once energy becomes cheap. Be adjusted on that cheap it doesn't become. It will be the road. Also it is necessary to think of how to save.

He noted that by the end of the year all budgetary organizations received the Cabinet order replacing incandescence bulbs with the energy saving. At their use electric energy is spent five times less.

For example, in territorial office of Antimonopoly committee, according to - on Volik, already counted, how many bulbs it is necessary to buy that to make electricity consumption more economical.

- And then these bulbs it is replaceable on candles, - someone was indignant in a hall.


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