The head of National Bank decided that now it is a high time to go on leave

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The high-ranking source in NBU reported yesterday that since January 15 the chairman of National Bank Vladimir Stelmakh goes on leave.

"You see how our relations with Cabinet of Ministers which in every possible way presses on the chairman therefore he on board reported are heated that while "will have a rest", - the official told. - On how many days it will define to itself(himself) holiday, on 14 or 51, - it isn't known. Since Thursday of the acting chairman there is a first deputy Anatoly Shapovalov".

Vladimir Stelmakh decided to go on leave that day when deputies of BYuT fraction planned to discharge it of fulfillment of duties. On Tuesday the member of council of National Bank, the head of temporary commission of inquiry of Rada concerning check of activity of NBU in the conditions of financial crisis Yury Poluneev (BYUT) registered the draft of the resolution No. 3574 in which it was spoken about need at first to discharge mister Stelmakh of execution of official duties, and then repeatedly to address to the president Victor Yushchenko with the requirement to dismiss him.

Yesterday in the Verkhovna Rada two bills making changes to the law on National Bank were registered: No. 3607 concerns "the accountability before the Verkhovna Rada", No. 3602 - "strengthenings of parliamentary control". "We will try to submit on Thursday them for vote", - one of authors of documents, the deputy Andrey Senchenko reported. The project No. 3607 offers to state in Art. 18 of the law "About NBU" that dismissal of the head of National Bank happens "not on representation of the president", and after "recognition by the Verkhovna Rada of mistrust by results of the report of the head of National Bank". The same norm is enshrined in Art. 51.

The document No. 3602 provides dismissal of the chairman of NBU not only on representation of the president, but also "in case of acceptance by the Verkhovna Rada of the decision on its discharge". Then the head of council of National Bank (now it is Pyotr Poroshenko) starts fulfilling his duties. "Such norm gives the answer to a question: who in case of discharge of the chairman is authoized to make decisions while the president won't decide on the new head? - Andrey Senchenko explains. - After all the president will voluntary not refuse realization of the constitutional laws on introduction of idea of dismissal of the chairman of NBU. Probably, earlier to it was a lack of time as it dealt with gas issues".

If today these bills are submitted for vote, they will have few chances of acceptance as Vladimir Stelmakh's removal can oppose not only some deputies of the majority, but also oppositional fractions. "Dismissal of all "orange" team is necessary, without being sprayed on a particular. And such separate offers are inconsistent from BYuT which called council of NBU unnecessary structure, and contradict the existing Constitution", - the member of council of NBU, the deputy of fraction of Party of Regions Vasily Gorbal noted.

The partner of Master and Partners law firm Sergey Vlasenko considers that even if the Verkhovna Rada would adopt bills, taking into account Vladimir Stelmakh's holiday they wouldn't bring desirable result: "Legally it can be discharged, but it is formal senselessly because he any more doesn't fulfill a duty, and transferred them to the deputy who also chose". "Such bills will bring additional problems in relationship of NBU and Cabinet of Ministers, - Vasily Gorbal is sure, - and will give the chance to arrange round them information campaign for transfer only on National Bank of responsibility of Cabinet of Ministers for any mistakes in economic policy". Five-year powers of mister Stelmakh expire on December 16, 2009.


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