Gayduk became "No. 1" in fight for non-volatility of Ukraine from Russia

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The prime minister Yulia Timoshenko initiates under the leadership of the adviser Vitaly Gayduk of a measure for gas replacement with the electric power.

"We should apply technologies which allow to use the electric power instead of natural gas. It is the purpose number one", - I told Tymoshenko at meeting with governors.

It gave to governors on these purposes two months.

"I ask to carry out these measures of my adviser Vitaly Gayduk - I hope that soon he becomes vice-the prime minister", - told Tymoshenko.

Others responsible for this direction she called the Minister of Fuel and Energy, and also the minister zhilishchno - municipal services.

"I would ask that under such management - number one Gayduk and further other ministers - heads of regional administrations did such work", - told Tymoshenko.

According to her, electric power use instead of gas cheaper and provides power independence of Ukraine.

"We will build political independence, creating power independence, and we consider it not as a task of only the central government, and each head of local government", - told Tymoshenko.

In particular, she promised to realize production of the Ukrainian gas on a shelf of the Black Sea that has to strengthen non-volatility.

I called Tymoshenko's one more perspective direction sale by Ukraine of quotas of harmful emissions within the Kyoto Protocol.

"Ukraine held negotiations with the countries which are ready to get quotas of emissions of units of carbon. These are billions which can be used for gas replacement with other carriers", - she told.


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