No gas "summit" in Moscow will exist. And if is – that not "summit"

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The initiative of the Kremlin to carry out in Moscow the summit of the countries - consumers of gas yet didn't meet understanding of Europe. France declared that before renewal of supply of fuel no summit can be, and the Czech Republic presiding in EU claims that neither the place, nor time of the summit aren't coordinated. In reply Russia already renamed the summit into the international conference, but also the structure of its participants isn't clear.

The destiny of the international meeting in Moscow in connection with a problem of supply of the Russian gas to Europe is foggiest. Intention to carry out the summit of consumers of the Russian gas on Wednesday was declared by the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. But the action place, as well as idea, caused disputes.

Almost at once after that the Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko declared that idea of the summit supports, but the meeting has to take place not in Moscow.

"We would like that such summit was carried out in the capital of any European country to have a certain basis for free negotiations", - was spoken and in the statement a press - services the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko.

The Ukrainian authorities would prefer to gather in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic presiding in EU, or in the Brussels. However, Tymoshenko will arrive to Moscow on a working meeting with the Russian colleague Vladimir Putin all the same on January 17.

The European Union also insists on the neutral territory. "As far as I know, mister Topolanek (the prime minister of the Czech Republic) had conversation with the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. They agreed that it is better to carry out the gas summit in EU territory as a part of European Commission representatives, Russia and Ukraine. I think that we will have a success", - told on Thursday on a press - conferences the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Moscow Miroslav Kostelka. "Today they didn't come yet to a consent", - quotes the diplomat of AFP.

The head of European Commission José Manuel Barroso, having called Ukraine and Russia "scrupulously to observe the reached agreements and to provide immediate supply of gas", about carrying out the summit I supported idea.However he spoke about negotiations at high level between Ukraine and Russia and suggested to participate in such meeting to the eurocommissioner on power Andris Piebalgs and the Minister of Energy of the Czech Republic Martin Riemann.

As reports Deutsche Welle, one of the high-ranking European officials noted that Brussels doesn't consider it necessary to come for this top-level summit - enough participation of experts in this area.

According to the diplomat, expansion of a circle of participants of this meeting at the expense of the states - consumers of the Russian gas "will promote most of all to heat of emotions and least of all-to search of the stable decision".

However after all these statements on Thursday the Kremlin reported that the meeting on Saturday in the Russian capital nevertheless will take place. "Now on diplomatic channels invitations are dispatched to heads of state and government of the countries - consumers and transitors of the Russian gas", - declared in the afternoon a press - the secretary of the president of Russia Natalya Timakova who is quoted by the Russian news agencies.

In reply on Thursday evening there was a statement of the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France of Eric Chevalier.

"We, in return, believe that while supply of gas according to the obligations assumed by Russia and Ukraine, isn't resumed, there are no conditions for convocation of the summit of Russia and the states - consumers of the Russian gas and the states providing its transit", - is spoken in the statement.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed opinion, what exactly the Czech Republic as the chairman of EU, has to give the answer "about carrying out the summit within passable discussions with European Union and European Commission member countries".

However, Czechs while too didn't show eagerness to go to Moscow. "Meanwhile everything looks so that mister Topolanek won't go to Moscow. But, you understand, the situation changes every hour so I can guarantee nothing", - declared a press - the secretary of the Czech prime minister Jerzy Potuzhnik. Other potential participants while answer more vaguely. In a press - to service of the Bulgarian government anything certain couldn't tell.

Marilyn Keruzers from a press - services of the eurocommissioner on Andris Piebalgs's power let know that the meeting option in Moscow up to the end isn't excluded: "The delegation which will go to Moscow, only is formed".In the Serbian Embassy in Moscow also reported that about firm intention of the Russian president to hold a meeting in the Russian capital learned only in the second half of day, but the invitation while isn't present. "As soon as we will receive the invitation, we will be engaged in visit preparation", - Serbians explained.

In the Polish government of invitations from Russia while too didn't receive so and about Donald Tusk's visit to Moscow anything certain can't tell. The source from the Polish party explained that while really there is no official information and, most likely, the invitation will appear only tomorrow.

Anyway the European leaders yet didn't answer Medvedev a consent, a certain refusal as invitations aren't hit yet.

On this background Moscow, in fact, changed an action format.

In the second half of day Medvedev called the Moldavian colleague Vladimir Voronin and invited him to take part any more the summit, and in the Moscow international conference on questions of ensuring delivery of the Russian gas to consumers in Europe which carrying out is planned at the level of heads of states or the governments. It is obvious that conference will have wider and free format.


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