The governor Garkusha revolted the communist Dzardanov with the appeals to Cabinet of Ministers

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Today, on January 16, there takes place extraordinary 26th session of regional council of the V convocation.

The agenda of session included 5 points, among which questions of the regional budget on 2009 (the speaker - Olga Siden, the chief of the Head financial management YEAH); about the plan of work of council for 2009, about modification of structure of constants of the commission, and also of structure of a prezidiya of council (the speaker - the deputy head of a regional council Vladimir Pashchenko); and 5, the most promising, point - "Miscellaneous".

Promising it because most likely and at today's session won't do without adoption of addresses to central organ the authorities.

During agenda discussion the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha made the offer to accept the whole three appeals to the Cabinet of Ukraine.

The first of them concerns a gas situation. From this that the governor sounded, it was possible to understand the following: he suggests deputies to ask Cabinet of Ministers to level gas prices for the enterprises to gas prices for the population. According to the governor, it is caused by that in the conditions of an economic crisis of the enterprise can't work is profitable, as fuel prices very high.

The second address which the governor suggested to accept, concerns health care. According to him, the program for providing with insulin "is blocked" only for 63%.

And one more address concerns questions of social protection of the population. "Target state programs are accepted, but in the budget on their realization enough of means" isn't put, - A. Garkusha declared.

According to him, the budget of the Nikolaev area, even under protected articles, is scarce. Deficiency makes 5 million UAH

The discontent with such activity of the governor was stated by the deputy - the communist N. Dzardanov."We too prepared some addresses, but decided not to take out them on an extraordinary sassiya. And now it turns out that one don't take out, and it is possible for someone", - N. Dzardanov was indignant.

As a result all these addresses decided to consider in the section "Miscellaneous".


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