Fight of two women for the regional budget. The chairman of a regional council everything is won

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Already legends of how two women - the chairman of regional council, "regionalka" Tatyana Demchenko and the chief of regional financial management Olga Siden - at meetings of the constant deputy commissions sort out the relations go. No, a framework of decencies is observed - after all it is that level when each other opponents can't seize hair. But that between them for a long time there is steady hot "sympathy", not a secret for anybody. And for someone it stopped being a secret at the "budgetary" session which has taken place on January 16 of regional council. Oh, as these fought кореатиды for the main financial document of the Nikolaev area! Everyone battled for close and native: one - for increase in financing of local governments (i.e. bodies of regional council), and the second - for balance of the budget and for compliance to a law letter. And in this case to everyone who knows our country and our people, it isn't difficult to guess who won.

Though first on passion and the hint wasn't. O. Siden submitted the draft budget in which the income is provided of 1226,3 million UAH, and expenses in the sum of 1225,8 million UAH, without being tired to repeat that the budget was developed, proceeding from realities, it is balanced, however has very limited investment resource."In the draft budget the greatest possible level of the income is considered are those means for which the regional state administration can bear responsibility", - Olga Ivanovna told.

The head of regional financial management was supported also by the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha: "The last 10 years we didn't consider such budget and didn't claim. It is a question of guarantees of filling of the budget. We carried out the analysis with the big enterprises of area and came to a conclusion that the revenues of the budget are looked through only for 49% are own sources. And 51% are grants from the state budget, and grants is a risk. Financiers already managed to forget partially that can be when the grant is planned, but it in the regional budget doesn't arrive. Today we set a task to ensure stable functioning of all social establishments. And as a whole we took the correct step that accents" placed.

However discordant with some articles of the draft budget were. In particular, the head of the constant commission of a regional council concerning planning, the budget, finance and investments Alexander Smirnov, having paid tribute to specialists of financial management ("the budget looks adequately"), I offered small recutting of the main financial document of area: to reduce with 3,5 to 1,5 million UAH reserve fund, to increase (the truth, without accurate indication of the sum) the maintenance of bodies of regional council which were recorded in the draft budget at the level of 3,1 million UAH. However, if the governor spoke against the offer on reduction of reserve fund, and the increase in financing of bodies of regional council had opponents (for example, the deputy Vladimir Pogorelov was indignant with that the head of regional council has a salary more, than at the head is the district state administration or the head of economy). The deputy governor Vitaly Travyanko, suggested not to make the changes offered by deputies (and them tried to reconcile all was quite a lot), and to return to them in March.

But not here - that was. Tatyana Demchenko, not trembled hand and a voice, bent the line. Having listened to all and as if without having heard, it disclosed proposals of deputies on change of financing of this or that article of the budget. In particular, it was offered to increase financing of bodies of regional council by 1,86 million UAH, to reduce reserve fund to 2 million UAH., not to carry out action for support of small and medium business before adoption of the appropriate program (as Tatyana Vasilyevna hinted, specialists of the regional state administration were so slow that terms of prolongation of the appropriate program), etc. passed. Attempts of the chief of financial management Olga Siden to put in process with exclamations "Allow the reference! You already debalanced the budget more than on 1 million UAH" got a response only in the form of T.Demchenko's phrase: "Olga Ivanovna, don't disturb". The communist Nikolay Dzardanov who has stated the following tried to reconcile two women very doubtfully: "We here all the same each other theoretically make a fool if the state can't guarantee execution of the obligations". As - that A. Smirnov, suggested to declare a break, in time which the budgetary commission of a regional council and financial management would have to for 20 balance minutes the budget tried to smooth heat also. This offer not really was pleasant to T.Demchenko, it in any way on it disagreed, but then was given, having declared a poluchasovy break.

After a break the consensus was found: reserve fund reduced by 1 million UAH (to 1 million UAH), and the maintenance of local governments - for the sum about 200 thousand (instead of estimated increase in financing at 1,86 million UAH agreed on the sum of 1,651 million UAH). And thus the head of financial management already was silent - fight for the budget was lost by her.


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