In Ukraine there will be paid highways

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At the end of the past week the parliament adopted the law providing the mechanism of a construction of roads in concession: compensation of investments by introduction of a payment for using routes. Participants of the market expect that the document will allow to attract the foreign companies, refusing to participate in construction of highways from - for lack of guarantees of compensation from the state in the Ukrainian projects, The Kommersant — Ukraine newspaper writes.

On Thursday evening the parliament accepted in the second reading change in the law "About Concessions on Construction and Operation of Highways". 252 deputies voted for the bill. The document provides compensation by the concessionaire of investments by fare introduction, access and operation of objects of road service and roadside infrastructure. The maximum and minimum sizes of a payment for using concession highways are determined by the Cabinet. Indispensable condition for the investor is construction or reconstruction of object of the concession agreement. In the law the norm about need of existence of the free road - alternatives to the toll highway is also kept.

In the edition prepared for the first reading, the bill provided possibility of transfer of the state or municipal roads to the concessionaire in paid and urgent using for a period of 10 till 50 years. Fundamental difference of new edition of the law - strengthening of control of the government behind concession activity, and also a guarantee of a goskonpensation of unprofitable and low-profitable projects. The state guarantees to the investor a certain intensity of movement on the new highway or compensation of losses in case of discrepancy of the route to due level. "In Ukraine any concession project for this reason still isn't realized:investors weren't sure that will be able to return investments made in construction of the road, in case of lower intensity of movement on it in comparison with settlement", - the director of the company "Altk" Igor Karnakov commented on a situation to Interfax — Ukraine agency.

The head "Ukravtodora" Vadim Gurzhos reminded that the first law on concessions on highways was adopted in 1999: "Then it prepared in haste and provided only one model of concession - return of means to the concessionaire only at the expense of a direct fare". "But considering solvency in Ukraine, payback of such projects would stretch for a period of up to 30 years. It is unprofitable", - the director general of KP "Kiyevavtodor" Georgy Glinsky noted.

According to mister Gurzhos, the new law provides possibility of any concession model, including operational model of concession widespread in Europe when the investor makes investments in design, finances road construction, exploits her, and the state during the contractual term (about 25 years) returns it invested funds. This mechanism will allow to construct new highways in Ukraine - the majority of existing highways (the general extent - 170 thousand kilometers) were under construction in 50-70-е years: then smaller volumes of freght traffics were assumed. "Besides, from - for lack of means in the budget it is already passed from two to four capital repairs of certain roads", - Vadim Gurzhos emphasized.

In case of law signing by the president there is possible an implementation of the project of the belt road round Kiev on which transit freght traffics will go from Western Europe to Asia, and also to the highway Lviv - Krakovets - the shortest road from Western Europe to Kiev. Besides, construction of an automobile tunnel near Dnepr which will connect Victory Square and the area of Levoberezhnaya metro station (now about it can begin negotiations with the European Reconstruction and Development Bank are conducted), Georgy Glinsky noted.

In August the Minister of Transport and communications Iosif Vinsky declared that in the short term it is possible to speak about transfer to concession of only three routes of nation-wide value - Kharkov - Shcherbakovka, Odessa - Rennie and the belt road round Kiev.


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