The situation on roads is made comments by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yu.Lutsenko.

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Reforming of the legislation on traffic yielded expected result. New in tens times the increased penalties affected consciousness of the majority of drivers, - the chief militiaman of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko considers. And as confirmation of the words, directs the last statistics. "We have for days for day of reduction by 1808 people who were lost on highways and a minus of 14 250 persons who were wounded on ways. Every day, after introduction of the new law, the number of victims is cut actually by half" - the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yu.Lutsenko.

However, to the new legislation there was not ready neither staff of GAI, nor drivers. Therefore, for this reason transition to new conditions is gradual. Today the staff of GAI fines generally for the most rough violations that most often brings to dorozhno - to transport incidents. As Yury Lutsenko "notes it is a question about 4-x control violations: red light, speed excess, the oncoming lane, drunk at a wheel and so forth. And so, fining as a whole about the country very notable, very heavy. 80% of penalties for these control violations which conduct to loss of human life. We can't be reconciled with that the country annually lost on roads more, than during criminal adventure in Afghanistan for all years of occupation of this country of times of the Soviet Union".

Open there is one more question - corruption on roads. Yury Lutsenko speaks about it, as about the bilateral. Mean, both cases of imposing of bribes from drivers, and cases of their extortion from employees of GAI. Point to it, according to the chief militiaman of Ukraine, has to put application in work of dresses of video equipment. Besides by results of video filming decisions and concerning imposing of penalties have to be made."In new year, literally in the first quarter we are going to buy one thousand more such video cameras, today their of everything on only hundred. Also we want to bring figure of the recorded violations by means of video equipment to 80% from the general massif. It to a great extent will give the answer to a question of the termination of corruption on roads" - the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yu. Lutsenko.


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