The governor Alexey Garkusha pointed to the city authorities to their mistake

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Today, on January 20, I took place a press - conference of the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha.

On a press - conferences the governor noted that as a whole last year was given quite good for area. However besides problems in economy of the area, connected with national crisis, we have problems of other order, the governor noted. It is a question of the supermarkets which number in the Nikolaev area for the last years significantly increased.

Practically all supermarkets are branches or offices with administrations in other cities of Ukraine. Their influence on economy of our area is inconsistent as their tax reporting passes not in Nikolaev. "Supermarkets - big trouble for the population and for the power, - the governor declared. - I consider that it is a big mistake from local government was thoughtless to distribute the earth and to put to it the end".

Situation when supermarkets don't provide high-quality service, taxes in the local budget don't pay and occupy part of the efficient population of area which is registered at work in other cities, has to change, Alexey Nikolaevich considers.

Numerous checks of supermarkets and food shops which are regularly carried out by Management on protection of the rights of consumers, showed that in them qualitative production not always is on sale. Overdue goods, discrepancy to normative documents or the wrong storage conditions, unfortunately, became norm for our supermarkets. For this reason, according to the governor, on shelves of large shops there has to be Nikolaev production.

Besides that it becomes an additional anti-recessionary measure and will help our region to overcome an economic crisis, such step will provide control of quality of production provided to the population.

"It is a fundamental question and we will bring an order, in this sphere there will be no problems, - Alexey Garkusha promised. - We already held meeting with the management of supermarkets - one already to accept our conditions, others for the present confer with administration. However except how to agree with our offer, they will have no other exit. In case of need we will take not only administrative measures, but also all others, admissible the law".


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